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While visiting a Nicaraguan farm one Sunday in September, just before the start of the Certificate Program, we hiked some of the property with the owner of the land, Ernesto, along with several of our Nicaraguan colleagues.  His is a small-but-diverse operation, where he has raised beans, corn, coffee, cattle and cacao for his entire … Continue reading Dormilona
Thanksgiving is nearly upon us here in the United States, which means that we have moved into late November and early Winter.  It’s always a transition time, with the reds and golds of Autumn giving way to dormant brown and, eventually, snow white.  Lots of people don’t care for November here in the upper Midwest … Continue reading Four Days in November
During the recent Certificate Program conducted at the foot of Peñas Blancas, participants were able to study the methodologies of Lean Continuous Improvement, a practice designed to remove waste of all forms from our daily work.  It’s a very precise process improvement technique, thus one that is not quickly or easily assimilated by most people.  As … Continue reading For Example
During the Second Certificate Program in rural Nicaragua, held during the first week of September, participants were escorted more deeply into the worlds of open book management and Lean process improvements.  Having experienced a taste of both methodologies in the First Certificate Program, conducted last year, producers expressed a desire to know more about the … Continue reading The Five “Wise”
Awaking to normality, an antidote for market control René Mendoza Vidaurre[1] “I am fine”, he says, while in the jaws of an alligator. Popular saying. Every cloud has its silver lining. Old saying. The parable of the “boiling frog” says that if we put a frog in a pot of boiling water, the frog will … Continue reading Awaking to normality, an antidote for market control
Organized communities are valuable, very valuable! René Mendoza Vidaurre[1] We dedicate this article to Eduvijes Sánchez[2] Where your treasure is, there will your heart be. Bible (Mt 6.21) Whenever your drink water, remember its source. Chinese Proverb “The cooperatives and associations are dividing the communities”, “organizations are a big doorway through which two or three … Continue reading Organized communities are valuable, very valuable!
A cooperative that regulates markets René Mendoza V., With Sulma Y. Leiva, Rigoberto Martínez and Ruperto Mejía[1] It is easy to stop one person, but difficult to stop 100.  When people discover the power of community and the transforational force of Christianity, nothing can stop them. Héctor Gallegos   Many cooperatives in Latin America tend … Continue reading A cooperative that regulates markets
Toward the second generation of Fair Trade René Mendoza Vidaurre[1] The highest reach of injustice is to be deemed just when you are not. Plato Even the most righteous man sins in the face of an open treasure. Maxim. The VII song of the Odyessy tells of the myth of Ulysses. He was warned by the … Continue reading Toward the second generation of Fair Trade

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