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It’s been weeks since I last posted an entry, but the absence hasn’t been for the reasons you might expect.  Yes, the holidays came and went during this time, but as filled as they might have been with family at home, time for posting was not limited.  I did not travel anywhere nor did my … Continue reading Ordinary People
Too bad that Adam Smith was so narrow in his focus when he wrote his famous book revered still today by so many modern economists. Of course, that focus was quite deliberate on his part, as he sought to educate us about the behaviors of monies and economics, labor and markets.  But An Inquiry Into … Continue reading Wealth of Nations
For the most part, I like to reserve comments here for topics which are specific to Nicaragua and the people and organizations with whom we work.  But occasionally, I come across something written by someone else, something which has profound meaning for any of us, whether in Nicaragua, the U.S. or another place.  One of … Continue reading To Not Speak
I’ve been making entries in this space since the Winds of Peace website came into being; my earliest entry dates back to January of 2007.  I don’t often go back in time to read what was on my mind back then, partly because I’m prone to wince at some of the inexperience and naivete reflected … Continue reading Body of Knowledge
We have to expand our thinking to understand the conflicts on the Coast  René Mendoza Vidaurre  This researcher into the rural—and particularly indigenous—world shares his unique perspective on the cultural aspects of the North Caribbean Coast’s indigenous and mestizo populations that underlie the land and other conflicts heating up there.  I have visited the Caribbean … Continue reading We have to expand our thinking to understand the conflicts on the Coast
Innovating with land leasing René Mendoza Vidaurre * Where water passes, there is life (E. Valdés S.J.) In a previous article we invited people to search for alternatives for the so-called “Central American dry corridor”, a zone that is an expression of the effects of climate change and social injustice in the region, part of … Continue reading Innovating with land leasing
The drought: social injustice and the opportunity for change René Mendoza Vidaurre* “Behind adversities are opportunities” goes the saying. After the rust that affected thousands of families working in the coffee chain, repeatedly we heard about the adversities of the drought: “the first planting season was lost”, “the families´food reserves have been used up”, “the … Continue reading The drought: social injustice and the opportunity for change

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