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There must have been some kind of special “karma” in the air last weekend.  I had an urge to listen to a record album (yes, the kind that are played on a turntable) from the 60’s by a group called Ten Years After, and featuring a song entitled, “I’d Love to Change the World.”  After … Continue reading Ten Years After, Part 1
It’s an exciting time for many in this country, with the first visit of Pope Francis to the U.S.  Some 70 million U.S. Catholics notwithstanding, it’s remarkable to see and to feel the excitement generated by this pope.  Catholics and non-Catholics alike have been mesmerized by the rock star quality of this man and, more … Continue reading Bridging A Gap
The world for many of us has become increasingly complicated with user names, pin numbers and passwords to allow us access to our digitized world.  Bank accounts, credit card transactions, Internet sites and a host of other “conveniences” require that we provide identification and authorization to get to where we want to go.  There’s nothing … Continue reading Prove Your Humanity
Like many, I’ve been reading and watching the news about the plight of the refugees streaming into Europe.  It is heart-wrenching to watch the overloaded boats, the bodies of those who did not survive washed ashore, the streams of humanity marching into central European countries looking for any chance to survive.  I sense that even … Continue reading Somebody Ought to Do Something
Innovating with land leasing René Mendoza Vidaurre * Where water passes, there is life (E. Valdés S.J.) In a previous article we invited people to search for alternatives for the so-called “Central American dry corridor”, a zone that is an expression of the effects of climate change and social injustice in the region, part of … Continue reading Innovating with land leasing
The drought: social injustice and the opportunity for change René Mendoza Vidaurre* “Behind adversities are opportunities” goes the saying. After the rust that affected thousands of families working in the coffee chain, repeatedly we heard about the adversities of the drought: “the first planting season was lost”, “the families´food reserves have been used up”, “the … Continue reading The drought: social injustice and the opportunity for change
The Geo-strategic vision moves mountains René Mendoza Vidaurre There was a long drought. The harvest dried up. The leaves on the grapevines turned black. The town went hungry, like fish thrown on the side of the river, drowning without air. There was a man with a smile and a contagious joy. A group came up to him and … Continue reading The Geo-strategic vision moves mountains

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