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We have been through this before.  The shock, the stunned disbelief at the inhumanity of humankind.  129 killed in Paris.  20 dead in Mali. The vows from the nations to exact punishing revenge.  The promise from the terrorists to bring more death and heartbreak.  The cycle is one that is very familiar to us by … Continue reading But We Have Flowers
I’ve written here in the past about the Winds of Peace vision of a “Synergy Center” in Nicaragua.  I’ve described a facility owned and operated by a U.S. college or university but partnered with the Foundation to access its research and experiences with rural development, its connections with grassroots Nicaraguan organizations, its history with the … Continue reading Making Sense of Synergy
I still wonder.  A lot.  It seems that the older I become, the less I know about anything.  The more I read, the more questions I seem to have.  At this rate, I wonder if it’s possible that I will know less when I die than I did on the day I was born.  I … Continue reading I Wonder, Part 2
I’ve made a point here over the years to highlight the education I’ve been receiving while working with our Nicaraguan partners.  It turns out that I may have far less to teach my Nicaraguan acquaintances than I might have once thought, and that they have immensely more to teach me than I ever dreamed.  In … Continue reading Teacher Education
We have to expand our thinking to understand the conflicts on the Coast  René Mendoza Vidaurre  This researcher into the rural—and particularly indigenous—world shares his unique perspective on the cultural aspects of the North Caribbean Coast’s indigenous and mestizo populations that underlie the land and other conflicts heating up there.  I have visited the Caribbean … Continue reading We have to expand our thinking to understand the conflicts on the Coast
Innovating with land leasing René Mendoza Vidaurre * Where water passes, there is life (E. Valdés S.J.) In a previous article we invited people to search for alternatives for the so-called “Central American dry corridor”, a zone that is an expression of the effects of climate change and social injustice in the region, part of … Continue reading Innovating with land leasing
The drought: social injustice and the opportunity for change René Mendoza Vidaurre* “Behind adversities are opportunities” goes the saying. After the rust that affected thousands of families working in the coffee chain, repeatedly we heard about the adversities of the drought: “the first planting season was lost”, “the families´food reserves have been used up”, “the … Continue reading The drought: social injustice and the opportunity for change

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