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In The Parable of the Sadhu, a real-life story by former Wall Street investment banker Bowie McCoy, we learn what it means to focus on “the point of the trip.”  McCoy and a friend take advantage of a six-month sabbatical offered by his company and they travel to Nepal and the Himalayas, there to rediscover … Continue reading The Point of the Trip
  Dear Jack: It’s been a long time now since you authored the book, The Great Game of Business, back in 1992.  I remember reading it entirely in one afternoon, I was so excited about what it described!  You folks at SRC were actively doing what we at my company had only dreamed about: creating a … Continue reading Dear Jack
The salmon are one of our best teachers.  We watch the salmon as smolts going to the ocean and observe them returning home. We see the many obstacles that they have to overcome. We see them fulfill the circle of life, just as we must do. And if the salmon aren’t here, the circle becomes … Continue reading Against the Current
We’ve all experienced it.  It might have been a classroom where none of the other students were known to you.  Maybe it was a conference where every other attendee, except you,  seemed to have an old friend with whom to sit.    Perhaps the first day on a new job left you feeling as though … Continue reading The Other
“Open book management” in cooperatives” René Mendoza, Steve Sheppard and Mark Lester* Two sailors were at sea. A storm blew up. The boat was rocking. One of the sailors hurried to tie things down, while the other just watched and moved with the storm. The first said, “if we don´t save the boat we will … Continue reading “Open book management” in cooperatives”
“Open Books” innovation in business René Mendoza, Steve Sheppard y Mark Lester* Information should not be a tool of power, it should be a means of education Jack Stack Jack Stack,[i] and hundreds of employees turned into the owners of the Springfield Remanufacturing Corporation, innovated in 1980 the “the Game of Business”, known as “open … Continue reading “Open Books” innovation in business
Autonomy and the Multiethnic Country in Decisive Moments René Mendoza Vidaurre, Nora Sánchez, Celia Benjamín, Jairo Zelaya. Klaus Kuhnekath and Alejandro Pikitle* Mahoney (2001)[i] defines “critical juncture” as the moment of contingency in which a decision is made for one of various options, an institution that is self-reinforcing and that is challenged through the processes … Continue reading Autonomy and the Multiethnic Country in Decisive Moments
Economic diversification, a way to erradicate poverty by René Mendoza Vidaurre and Edgar Fernández The United Nations declared 2014 as the International year of Family Farming, and 2015 as the International Year of Soils. In Latin America and the Caribbean 80% of the agricultural exploitations are family farms, including more than 60 million people. Family … Continue reading Economic diversification, a way to erradicate poverty

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The Difficult Work of Bridges.

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