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Yesterday was Father’s Day in the U.S. , that commercial innovation designed to sell goods and greeting cards and, oh yes, to recognize the important role of dads in our society.  The date also happens to be my wedding anniversary, that moment in time forty-six years ago when Katie and I formed our official Sheppard … Continue reading Father’s Day
In the game of chess that is being lived out within Nicaragua right now, the Bishops Conference of the Catholic Church has been visible and active as a mediator between the demonstrators and President Daniel Ortega.  That role has persisted this week, even as the violence continues and, with time, both sides seem to have … Continue reading Can Bishops Avoid A Stalemate?
Conditions in the country we serve, Nicaragua, continue to hearken back to a generation ago, when the administration in power faced enormous protests and demands for a new government.  The confrontations continue today, just as they did all those years ago,  leading to violence and deaths, denials, accusations, reprisals and lots of pain.  It’s tough … Continue reading Deja Vu
On a particularly dark and blustery day in January, I hiked across campus, a briefcase in hand, though I wanted desperately to put my hand in my deep coat pocket.  I came upon the only other human being I could see, looking out from the narrowest of openings in the hood of my storm coat.  … Continue reading The Way We Look
The power of a shared vision in peasant-indigenous cultures René Mendoza Vidaurre[1] In the film “Spartacus” on the slave rebellion in 71 BC we recognize the strength of a shared vision. After twice defeating the Roman legions, the gladiators/slaves fell before the legion of Marcus Crassus, who says to thousands of survivors: “you were slaves … Continue reading The power of a shared vision in peasant-indigenous cultures
The height of injustice is to be deemed just when you are not. Plato Even an honest man sins in the face of an open treasure. Saying. The VII song of the Odyessy tells how the goddess Circe warned Ulysses that the sailors of those waters were so enchanted by the song of the sirens … Continue reading Toward the Re-Invention of “Fair Trade” (updated edition)
Dismantling the large estate with cooperativism René Mendoza Vidaurre with Edgar Fernandez[1] You have to look at coffee like the fingers on a hand; the first year we plant, the second year the coffee develops, The third year we harvest, the fourth we harvest more and the fifth year the coffee begins to decline    … Continue reading Dismantling the large estate with cooperativism
The construction of a just peace in Colombia René Mendoza Vidaurre[1] Colombians, weapons have given you independence, but only the law will give you freedom. Francisco de Paula Santander (1792-1840), Colombian leader The law of the jungle should not be the law that our children follow Seanna Wolf, ex Irish prisioner. The weak can never … Continue reading The construction of a just peace in Colombia
This is a translation of the Vice President and First Lady´s declaration the evening of June 16, after a terrible early morning fire took the lives of 4 adults and 2 infants. Usually the First Lady makes a daily declaration around noon, but this time she did it in the evening. That morning government media … Continue reading Govt Document: Declaration of Rosario Murillo, special night edition of Citizen Power Media, June 16
This is the press release  from the governmental firefighters office, 2 km away from where a fire killed 6 people, including two infants early on the morning of June 16th. Later that morning there was another session of the National Dialogue,  and the Civic Alliance participated in protest, claiming hooded para-police forces were responsible for … Continue reading Govt Document: Press release of Firefighters on June 16, 2018
This is an interview of student Jessica Cisneros and professor Yerling Aguilera published in digital newspaper Público from Madrid on June 20, while on a tour of European cities to talk about the situation in Nicaragua. In addition to a good summary of the period from the student perspective, it also begins to address some … Continue reading Student Interviews: Jessica Cisneros and Yerling Aguilera
This is the Commission composed of Catholic Bishops asked by Pres. Ortega to play this role. This is their report after the first work sessions of the committees called for in the meeting of the National Dialogue on June 16th. The Civic Alliance for Justice and Democracy issued their own statement here MEDIATION AND WITNESS … Continue reading MEDIATION AND WITNESS COMMISSION Press Release June 18, 2018

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