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I readily admit that I’m a person who looks forward to what’s next.  I am a person of immense and continuous gratitude for what is in the present, but I’m also excited about what might be around the next bend, the next corner, the following day.  And I think I became that way as an … Continue reading Jesus At the Table
Among the lessons emerging from the Certificate Program in early September, we heard wisdom in many different forms.  The Certificate Program, by design, has a very holistic feel about it, a compendium of thinking on topics as diverse as growing and commercializing crops, understanding gender issues more deeply, seeing the environment as a fragile home, … Continue reading Where’s Your Treasure?
Sometimes, the way things happen leaves me breathless. At the Certificate Program conducted in rural Nicaragua during the week of September 5, I prepared for two and one-half days of presentations on the topic of open book management.  I have a long history with the subject, having adopted an aggressive open book management initiative at … Continue reading A Little Bird Told Me
The hiatus here over the past couple of weeks has been the result of spending time in Nicaragua, participating in the second Certificate Program for development of rural producers and their counterparts in commercialization and credit.  With so much information and context to consider, reflection and writing are crowded out in favor of absorption.  Seven … Continue reading Acts of Commitment
A cooperative that regulates markets René Mendoza V., With Sulma Y. Leiva, Rigoberto Martínez and Ruperto Mejía[1] It is easy to stop one person, but difficult to stop 100.  When people discover the power of community and the transforational force of Christianity, nothing can stop them. Héctor Gallegos   Many cooperatives in Latin America tend … Continue reading A cooperative that regulates markets
Toward the second generation of Fair Trade René Mendoza Vidaurre[1] The highest reach of injustice is to be deemed just when you are not. Plato Even the most righteous man sins in the face of an open treasure. Maxim. The VII song of the Odyessy tells of the myth of Ulysses. He was warned by the … Continue reading Toward the second generation of Fair Trade
The Paris agreements on climate change: A path for saving the planet? René Mendoza Vidaurre[1] Pick up a rock in your hand and close you fist around it until it begins to beat, live, speak and move. Sámi Poem When the waves of the ocean hit our chest, at the same time we feel a current of … Continue reading The Paris agreements on climate change: A path for saving the planet?
Reducing inequality in land access, a way of contributing to gender equity? René Mendoza V., René Rodríguez F., Ruth Aguilar P., Selmira Flores and María A. Sieza Summary Currently there are more women that have access to land, but their access continues to be unequal: women control 13.3% of total land. Most of their properties … Continue reading Reducing inequality in land access, a way of contributing to gender equity?

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