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The word came out of Nicaragua on Thursday evening that an earthquake had rumbled through an area near the capitol city of Managua.  (I heard the news from my colleague there; news from Nicaragua is very rare here in the U.S. since the days of our illegal war via the Contras.)  While there were no […]
I just need to vent a little. I receive a number of newsletters and communications from organizations who have a presence in Nicaragua.  It’s very helpful to know about the initiatives and successes being created, and within the development community it’s often valuable to hear what is working through the efforts of others; good ideas […]
I was asked recently about my most memorable encounter in Nicaragua.  I didn’t really have to think very long about the question, despite the fact that I have traveled there several times each year since 2006 and had experienced an earlier introduction to the country in 1990.  I have had many wonderful, frustrating, inspiring, motivating […]
My wife and I were working with our computers this morning, trying to synchronize some file sharing, exploring the best way to communicate with each other through the “magic boxes.”  (It’s an activity that still feels very strange when we are sitting together in the same room, talking face-to-face.)  She was describing to me a […]
René Mendoza V.[1]   Never doubt that a small group of committed people can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has. Margaret Mead   Why do institutions like NITLAPAN exist? What is the purpose of the people working in such institutions? Why do people go to institutions of higher education? […]
“Business women? They are storefront owners, cookie makers, and beauticians, they are not business women,”stated the Mayor. The woman business leader responded, “If nacatamales do not work, they do tortillas filled with cheese, and if that doesn´t, they do something else, they search carefully, they are business women! Note that the Mayor uses the concept […]
René Mendoza V. and Edgar Fernández With the collaboration of Wilber Martínez, Edmundo López, Yeris Lanzas, Hulda Miranda, Eliseo Miranda, Pablo Gurdián y Misael Gurdián  I trusted my land, what I put into it, it gave back to me; for some years now it has become unreliable; now my coffee field is sick. It was […]
René Mendoza V, René Gómez F., Marcelo Rodríguez, Manuel Bermúdez and Edgar Fernández Coffee rust, a disease produced by the Hemileia vastatrix fungus, according to CONCAFE is going to affect 30% of the coffee area which is 172,000 manzanas, according to FUNICA the coffee harvest from this cycle will be 400,000-500,000 quintals smaller, and also due […]

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