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I suppose that one cannot be in any line of work for very long without becoming a student of human behaviors, intentionally or unintentionally.  The stories that I can tell from my years in a for-profit environment reveal the zenith of both corporate heroism as well as personal greed.  (Ask me about those sometime.)  Likewise, … Continue reading 3 In 10
ANIDES is an organization with whom Winds of Peace has partnered for the past several years.  It’s a group devoted to lifting up women, helping them to understand and embrace their rights and to explore their capacities as the critical players in strengthening their families and Nicaraguan society.  ANIDES has not only helped with basic … Continue reading We Have Grown Together
Having just finished attending the 2016 Nobel Peace Prize Forum, I have to be careful in using language that in any way could diminish the atrocities of modern-day enslavement.  To my embarrassment and astonishment, I have learned that there are approximately 168 million children currently victimized as virtual slaves worldwide. These are not cases of children working … Continue reading Slaves to Custom
I had the wonderful opportunity last month to briefly address the National Center for Employee Ownership (NCEO) Annual Conference in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  I have not spoken before a national employee stock ownership plan (ESOP) audience in several years, so it was a terrific chance to renew past friendships and catch up first-hand with what is … Continue reading “First Person”
The Paris agreements on climate change: A path for saving the planet? René Mendoza Vidaurre[1] Pick up a rock in your hand and close you fist around it until it begins to beat, live, speak and move. Sámi Poem When the waves of the ocean hit our chest, at the same time we feel a current of … Continue reading The Paris agreements on climate change: A path for saving the planet?
Reducing inequality in land access, a way of contributing to gender equity? René Mendoza V., René Rodríguez F., Ruth Aguilar P., Selmira Flores and María A. Sieza Summary Currently there are more women that have access to land, but their access continues to be unequal: women control 13.3% of total land. Most of their properties … Continue reading Reducing inequality in land access, a way of contributing to gender equity?
We have to expand our thinking to understand the conflicts on the Coast  René Mendoza Vidaurre  This researcher into the rural—and particularly indigenous—world shares his unique perspective on the cultural aspects of the North Caribbean Coast’s indigenous and mestizo populations that underlie the land and other conflicts heating up there.  I have visited the Caribbean … Continue reading We have to expand our thinking to understand the conflicts on the Coast
Innovating with land leasing René Mendoza Vidaurre * Where water passes, there is life (E. Valdés S.J.) In a previous article we invited people to search for alternatives for the so-called “Central American dry corridor”, a zone that is an expression of the effects of climate change and social injustice in the region, part of … Continue reading Innovating with land leasing

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