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I attended a party last week. The gathering was in recognition of  The Minnesota Chapter of the ESOP Association.  The chapter is one of 22 chapters nationally, in the association which represents the 15,000 employee-owned companies across the country.    Minnesota has been a particularly strong chapter in the network and over its 25 years […]
The story received the briefest of mentions during last night’s evening news; if the viewer was not tightly focused on the broadcast, he/she would likely have missed it altogether.  Even trying to follow-up on the piece via the TV network’s website proved to be futile, as no mention of the story was to be found. […]
I read many reflections, blogs and printed materials over the course of each week, mostly having to do with Nicaragua and various forms of aid and development work being done there.  Some are very good and others less so, but I came across one a few days ago that I think bears repeating here.  It […]
We all receive lots of materials to read these days, whether over the Internet, in the mail or some even by our own choice.  Sometimes it’s difficult to discern what is worth reading and what is not; certainly, it’s impossible to read everything that’s available.  But I was introduced to something of significant value this […]
Reinventing cooperativism for a world of migrants Rene Mendoza V., PhD[1] A thousand mile journey begins with a single step. Lao Tse Currently surprising is a type of migration, reverse migration, where the destination country is at war (Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan), and the country of origin is a developed country: more than three thousand children […]
Can societies counteract the environmental and climate crisis? René Mendoza V. and Peter Marchetti*   We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking that we had when we created them. Albert Einstein The Second Earth Summit in Johannesburg in 2002 ended with the Sustainable Development accords signed in the first Earth Summit in Rio […]
Collective action on terrain where things are getting complicated: Case of Peñas Blancas René Mendoza V.  The framework of coordination, science, ecology and economics, along with collective action, worked for reading the case of Miraflor in the last article. Now we are studying the case of Peñas Blancas (municipality of El Cuá), located over 1,000 […]
Collective action on terrain where things are getting complicated: Case of Miraflor René Mendoza V. *   In the previous article (“Coordination and collective action to mitigate the impact of climate change”) we worked on the framework of coordination, science, ecology and economics in the case of the CamBIO project in Central America. Now we […]

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