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A long-time friend of mine recently bestowed a gift on me, one that has intrigued, perplexed and annoyed all at the same time.  It may seem strange that one small gift could accomplish all of this, but given the nature of the giver, I would expect no less. George is an octogenarian, and one who … Continue reading The Virtue of Virtues
I’m preparing for another visit to Nicaragua next week, the first since last August.  I’m excited to be going again, but the length of time between visits has caused me to forget my usual routines for getting ready and the result is that I’m already feeling like I’m behind.  To further compress things, I was … Continue reading Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is?
My wife and I were looking at some photos of ourselves the other day, marveling at how young we once looked and subsequently commiserating at how old we appear today.  I stared for some time at one photo in particular, one that seemed to capture the relative innocence and naivete of the young man in … Continue reading Choices
“Frogs were the first in the evolving animal world to develop a true voice.  Pushing air into their pouches, across vocal cords, frogs produce a variety of sounds, from trills and whistles to grunts and chuckles, depending on the species.  Each species actually sings its own unique tune, which has now become an important mechanism … Continue reading We Are Like the Frogs
The construction of a just peace in Colombia René Mendoza Vidaurre[1] Colombians, weapons have given you independence, but only the law will give you freedom. Francisco de Paula Santander (1792-1840), Colombian leader The law of the jungle should not be the law that our children follow Seanna Wolf, ex Irish prisioner. The weak can never … Continue reading The construction of a just peace in Colombia
Toward the re-invention of fair trade. The case of Central America. René Mendoza Vidaurre[1] and Johan Bastiaensen[2] The Fair Trade Movement (FT) emerged in the face of unfair trade mediation as an alternative so that people that organize might improve their lives, and to be a space of solidarity among different actors beyond national borders. … Continue reading Toward the re-invention of fair trade. The case of Central America.
How to keep from tripping over the same stone twice? René Mendoza Vidaurre[1] If they keep quiet, the stones will cry out (Jesús, Lc 29.40) “I already saw that movie”, said the drunk, on seeing the animation of the lion that roars at the beginning of many movies. In the beginning of the 1990s, dozens … Continue reading How to keep from tripping over the same stone twice?
Community, that circular mobilizing utopia René Mendoza Vidaurre[1] Utopia is on the horizon. I walk two steps, and it moves away two steps, and the horizon runs ten steps further. So what good does utopia serve? For that, for walking. Eduardo Galeano (1940-2015) Once they discover the strength of the community, they will be able … Continue reading Community, that circular mobilizing utopia

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