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I’ve been reading about the global economy, energy and the environment. The U.S.- and much of the world’s- economy is built upon a model of continuing, compounding growth. Growth is dependent on availability and use of energy.  Currently, availability is declining and use is increasing. As a result, our efforts to extract ever-more energy from […]
I will be leaving a corporate Board of Director’s seat in a few weeks, ending about 28 years of service with that group.  ”That group” is Foldcraft Co., the firm for which I worked as an employee for more than 30 years, as well.  To have remained on the board for so long has been […]
Spend any time around an ocean beach or any huge body of water and sooner or later someone gazing out over the water will be asked, “How far can you see?”  It’s an inevitable question and one which the beachcomber invariably cannot answer.  How far is that horizon, anyway?  Can you see what’s there? We […]
I really do. I wonder whether this could be the year wherein the Synergy Center notion crystalizes in the strategic thinking of an educational institution and we find a partner to take on the asset. I wonder if the Indigenous communities with whom we have worked will discover during 2015 that their patrimony continues to […]
Internal governance and the role of cooperatives in Central American rural society René Mendoza V., E. Fernández, K. Kuhnekath, J. Bastiaensen, and A.J. García[1] Thanks to Picketty (2014) the topic of inequality became an issue again in our days. Nevertheless, markets, technology, skills and social relations are formed and decided in institutions and organizations that […]
Innovating in beekeeping makes humanity better in times of climate change René Mendoza V., Edgar Fernández and Yeris Lanzas   “If the bee disappeared off the surface of the globe, then humanity would only have four years of life left” Albert Einstein  Recently there has been a worldwide alarm about bees. They produce honey and […]
Innovating in light of the “social jukebox” René Mendoza Vidaurre and Ronie Zamor   “The policies can be good, but not work; it is like we put a coin in the jukebox, choose a song, and a different one plays” (X. Gorostiaga sj, 1983).  What is happening with the “social jukebox” that transforms policies and […]
Universities and their debt to society René Mendoza V.[1]   The Figure of the two burros is illustrative: there is food for both, but they are individually struggling with one another under the idea of “everyone for yourself” and “the law of the jungle”, and in the end neither eats, until they see one another, […]

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WPF concept paper final Jan 2014

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see CEO Steve Sheppard’s Jan. 31, 2014 blog post titled
The Difficult Work of Bridges.

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