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There was another shooting last week, this time in Louisiana.  The location doesn’t really matter, though, as these random acts of violence can and do occur anywhere and at any time.  Strictly by the number, this one wasn’t too bad: “only” two dead, plus the gunman and we don’t seem to count the shooters much. … Continue reading Violent Disguise
I’m reading a book referred to me by my colleague, one which tends to affirm my own experiences in organizational strengthening.  In it, organizational methodologies such as open book management, transparency, broad participation, continuous improvement and other member-centric initiatives are presented as elements to make organizations stronger, better-performing and more stable.  (I seem to like writings … Continue reading Veritas
With apologies to author Robert Fulgham, I couldn’t help but recall his enormously successful book as I’ve listened to the heating debate about immigration among Republican presidential candidates.  Insofar as every one of those leaders is a product of immigration to this country, I thought it might be of some value to recall at least … Continue reading All I Really Need to Know About Immigration I Learned in Kindergarten
I guess I’m in the mood for musing about national holidays.  I had some nagging thoughts about Memorial Day this year, and now with the passing of July 4 I find myself reflecting about Independence Day and it meanings.  I just can’t seem to simply enjoy a national celebration, some time off, fireworks and burgers … Continue reading Dependence Day
Towards intelligent farming René Mendoza Vidaurre and Edgar Fernández Talking about innovation is in style. It tends to be presented as an accumulation of useful things for the market, defining it as resulting from the economy and as a matter of engineering, without responding to the question of the why and for what end these … Continue reading Towards intelligent farming
  The leap of the century, the challenge of the municipality of Palacagüina René Mendoza, Edgar Fernández and Ramón García * The dogs in the village of Riito in the municipality of Palacagüina, on hearing the noise of a motor, come out barking wildly in pursuit of the vehicle; when they finally reach it , … Continue reading The leap of the century, the challenge of the municipality of Palacagüina
LEAN: a method for improving businesses and cooperatives René Mendoza V., Steve Sheppard and Mark Lester* We are not ants that come in and only take a grain of sand, carry it, pile it up and dig a hole. We come in, we take the grain of sand, we carry it, we pile it up … Continue reading LEAN: a method for improving businesses and cooperatives
“Open book management” in cooperatives” René Mendoza, Steve Sheppard and Mark Lester* Two sailors were at sea. A storm blew up. The boat was rocking. One of the sailors hurried to tie things down, while the other just watched and moved with the storm. The first said, “if we don´t save the boat we will … Continue reading “Open book management” in cooperatives”

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