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Govt Document: Declaration of Rosario Murillo, special night edition of Citizen Power Media, June 16

This is a translation of the Vice President and First Lady´s declaration the evening of June 16, after a terrible early morning fire took the lives of 4 adults and 2 infants. Usually the First Lady makes a daily declaration around noon, but this time she did it in the evening. That morning government media showed video of the fire without audio, with the commentator initially claiming that the pastor was a Sandinista, and that  the fire was caused by anti government criminals behind the protests. Independent media showed the same video shots, but with audio on, that allowed viewers to hear the comments of neighbors and relatives, who said the family did not belong to any political party, and blamed the fire on hooded pro government para police forces who also shot at them and the volunteer firemen when they tried to put out the fire. She also refers to the body of a Sandinista supporter that video showed was set on fire in the middle of the street later that same morning. 

Declarations of Rosario Murillo, Vice President of Nicaragua in a special night edition through the Citizen Power Media (June 16, 2018)

Good evening, dear Families of our Blessed Nicaragua, our Blessed Nicaragua, our Blessed Nicaragua, Always Free!

Today is a sad day, a very sad day, and I’m asking God not to put harsh words in my mouth, not to put in my mouth words that might sound bitter; I ask him to put the best words in my mouth, to fill my Heart of Love, even for those who have hijacked Peace in Nicaragua.

Let us offer them a Heart full of Love to heal the hate their Souls harbor. It is the best we can do. Because there is no revenge that fits in our Hearts, and in addition there’s no possible reparation for so much crime, for so much sinister activity, for so many attacks that seems to be satanic practices unknown in our Country.

For that reason I say, that my mouth should not be filled with insults, instead lets offer to God, our Lord, all this pain, all these afflictions, all these tragedies and, lets say to the Nicaraguan Families, as we do say to the Nicaraguan Families: Nicaragua demands, cries out for, wants peace, and that so much abomination be stopped, so much monstrosity. We had never seen such profanation of our Faith and of our Christian Practices.

Today 6 Siblings, 2 Babies, 4 Adults lost their Lives in a catastrophy caused by vandalism, by crime, by lack of Love; but, in addition, a catastrophy caused in accordance with these also sinister, evil, perverse plans, that not only caused the tragedies, pain, crimes, suffering; but they also accuse others of the pain, tragedies, crimes and suffering that they themselves have caused.

It is completely perverse, abominable, we would say, to cause the pain, crime, aberration, and then accuse [others]. What nerve, or what evil! But we have to strengthen Love in Nicaragua, because Christ Jesus who reigns in Nicaragua has taught us to love. And as the Holy Father says: God is Love, and God can always do more. And Love is stronger than hate, and if we fill ourselves with Love and if we have a heart of Love, let us be, as we are sure, that the victory is Peace in our Country. And [the victory] is Faith..Peace and Faith!

That is why we say let us not be afraid. Let us have Faith! Let us not allow the Heart to be clouded, that the Mind be clouded. Let us be Serene in the midst of the pain. Let us be Serene in the midst of the condemnation, in the midst of the indignation…Serene, prudent, patient, wise!

It requires a lot of effort to be serene, prudent, patient, wise; it requires a lot of Mysticism, because really these atrocious crimes, these crimes of hate, call for rage, anger; but we know that this does not resolve it, what resolves it is that we be filled with Love, that we proclaim Love, and that we are able to get Love to conquer once more our Nicaragua.

We also learned about the terrible crime against our Companion Franciso Ramón Aráuz Pineda, son of the Legendary Sandinista Heroine Amada Pineda de Aráuz, who I personally had the honor to know and serve when she came to La Prensa to make her denouncement, where I was working.

For me the person I had in front of me was an affable, kind person, and I did not imagine that her story would be full of so much iniquity, all the suffering that they made run through the Body and Soul of Legendary Amada. All that terrible suffering, as they tortured her, as they defiled her also, and with so much bravery she narrated all the events.

I copied down that story, I wrote it, and I know what happened to my boss, Dr. Pedro Joaquín Chamorro, and the next day it was published in 8 columns, in La Prensa of Pedro Joaquín Chamorro, the denouncement of Amada Pineda. And since I admired her courage, her bravery, and her gentleness at the same time; a woman who had been tarnished, abused by the National Guard, submitted to multiple humilliations, to rape, and that was the woman there, intact, in her Spirit, in her Soul, showing us that in spite of evil, Goodness prevails.

That Woman who today we embrace with all the Strength of our Sandinista Soul, as a Sandinista Heroine, in the face of the terrible loss of her son Francisco Ramón, whose body was abused, desecrated, tarnished, after having been murdered.

But in addition to being abused, desecrated, tarnished, all that was uploaded like a Dantesque spectable of hate to the Social Networks. Things that we had never seen in Nicaragua. Practices that we knew about in other Cultures, that filled all of us with indignation because of the lack of respect for the Human condition. Terrorist practices that have the intention of intimidating, beating, filling the population with panic, and in this case particularly Sandinistas.

Our protest, our- we would say- profound indignation, but also our Faith in the fact that the Power of God is greater, the Power of the Holy Spirit is greater than all this evil that we are seeing, with which we cannot identify because we were unfamiliar with it in Nicaragua; these practices that do not correspond to our culture, these practices that we call perverse, sinister, diabolic, satanic, because they do not correspond neither to our Faith, nor our Christian Conviction.

Amada, a great Embrace from Daniel, from me and the entire Family, and our Commitment that we will come out Ahead. As a Christian People, as Free People, as People full of Faith and Devotion, we will come out Ahead, because God is Just, and because Evil cannot prevail over Good. We know that, we have experienced it.

That is why in Proverbs 3 it says: Blessed is the man who finds Wisdom and obtains intelligence;

Length of days is in his right hand, and in his left hand honor.

His roads are the roads of delight, and all his paths of Peace.

Wisdom is the tree of life to those who make use of it, and blessed are those who retain it.

Jehovah with wisdom founded the Earth, set the Heavens with intelligence, and with his science the chasms were divided and the heavens distilled dew.

Let us not take these things from our eyes, let us keep the law and counsel, and they will be life for our Soul and grace for our necks.

Then we will walk through paths with confidence and our feet will not stumble.

And when we lie down we will not be afraid, and our dreams will be pleasing.

And you will not have sudden fear nor the ruin of the impious when it comes,

Because God will be our confidence, and he will preserve our feet, he will free us.

Let us not refuse to do good to who it is owed, when we have the power to do so.

Let us not attempt evil against the neighbor who trustingly lives next to us.

Let us not fight with anyone without reason, if they have not done wrong to you.

Let us not envy the unjust man nor choose any of his ways.

Because Jehovah, God, abhors the perverse, and his intimate communion is with the just.

The curse of Jehovah is on the house of the impure, and he will bless the home of the just.

Certainly God will scoff at the mockers, and will give grace to the humble.

The wise will inherit honor, while the foolish will bear disgrace.

Disgrace is what we experience, and our People do not deserve so much perversity, do not deserve that evil that today we see flourishing in so many places. But, just like we have Faith and we have Strength and the Fortitude of Faith, so we know, we are sure, that we are going to conquer evil, perversity, disgrace, abomination: we are going to conquer above all these sinister plans, because they are not the Plans of God for Nicaragua. And with Love, with Hope, with Trust, we are going to achieve it!

Nicaragua wants, cries out for, claims Peace, Life for the Families, claims Hope for the Children, for the Youth. Imagine you are the two children who were massacred, incinerated, today, 2 babies and 4 adults, and those who were saved.

Crimes of hate, vagaries of evil Beings; but good, God is the one who judges and God is the one who leads us through Paths of Good. And we Trust in Him, we trust in God, and we know that Nicaragua will be raised up with Love, evil will end. We proclaim it in the Name of Jesus!

This evil, this perversity will end, it will be stopped, in the Name of Jesus we proclaim it, and in the Name of Jesus we give all our Solidarity to the Families who have been victims of this senseless, irrational, uncommon violence; to the Families throughout the Country, of any Political Sign, because all of us share this Country that God has given us. All of us are Brothers and Sisters, all of us are children of God, each fallen Brother or Sister hurts all of us, every child of Nicaragua who loses their Life hurts all of us, angers all of us, but we know, we say, we repeat, we are sure that those are not the Plans of God for Nicaragua.

The Plan of God for Nicaragua is one of Faith. The Plan of God for Nicaragua is one of Love. The Plan of God for Nicaragua is one of Freedom, Dignity, Fraternity. The Plan of God for Nicaragua is one of Love, and with Love we are capable of conquering hate, evil, perversity, and any other evil, disaster, that would want to continue establishing other reigns that are not the Reign of God in our Country.

Brothers and Sisters, we are united in the Faith, we are united as Christians, we are united, we who are Catholics as well, under the Mantle of the Virgin Mary, to whom Nicaragua is consecrated. We are united, and Unity is Strength, and we are united because we all want Peace to reign, and we all want that we be able to go back to seeing as Family, all of us want to live peacefully.

Our Lord God will make real, not the dream, but his Plan in our Country. We are sure, we have Confidence, we have Hope, and we are working for that, every day, every hour, every minute, as we have dedicated all this time to promoting Good without looking at who [it is].

Commandante Daniel, our President, greets the Families that today saw their lives hijacked in the mattress factory, in the Carlos Marx barrio. He sends greetings, we have already greeted Marbelly, Amada. We embrace one another with our Brother Francisco Ramón, Historical Combatant, son of Amada, desecrated today after having been murdered. We embrace one another with him because we believe in Life, as well as we know that Love will conquer, that we can go Always Beyond with the Strength of Love.

Companions, a great Embrace of Faith, of Strength, of Christian Hope, of Trust in God. A great Embrace to everyone. Love is stronger than hate, and that decree will become reality, step by step, in Nicaragua. That is the Commitment that we have, the majority of Nicaraguas. That is what we ask of God, and God hears because God is Just. God can always do more!

Thanks, Companions, A lot of Love for all, and with Patience, with Prudence, with Calm, with Wisdom and with Faith, we say, Continue Forward!

Thank you very much…And good, I hope that God allows us today to have a peaceful night, more peaceful, and tomorrow celebrate our Masses, our Worship, all the Christian Churches that have done so many Prayers and Vigils for Nicaragua everywhere, asking the Lord that he fill us with His Love and His Wisdom. That tomorrow we might have the possibility of having our Masses, meeting one another in the Churches, meeting in the Christian, Evangelical Churches, and continue paying without stopping, so that Peace might return and so that every sinister plan might be defeated, as it will be defeated. Thank you very much.



Govt Document: Press release of Firefighters on June 16, 2018

This is the press release  from the governmental firefighters office, 2 km away from where a fire killed 6 people, including two infants early on the morning of June 16th. Later that morning there was another session of the National Dialogue,  and the Civic Alliance participated in protest, claiming hooded para-police forces were responsible for the fire, which  started when the family refused to let their building be used by pro government snipers. The Foreign Minister read this statement from the firefighters as part of his opening statement that morning in National Dialogue. Later independent media revealed that these firefighters never responded to the fire, but rather volunteer firemen from a station 7 kms away. 



(See original Spanish at


The General Firefighters Office of Nicaragua, through this document, makes known:

That today Saturday June 16, 2018 at 6:47 am, it responded to a fire in a multi-story home located in Managua, in the Carlos Marx neighborhood, from the stoplight of the Miguel Gutiérrez Colonia, 4 blocks west, on the right, which was used as a home and business where foam mattresses were made, which is a highly flammable material; with the result of 4 adults deceased (2 women and 2 men) and 3 minors who were transported in private vehicles to the German Hospital.

Neighbors of the sector said that hooded criminals had been stalking the sector for various weeks, threw molotov cocktails into the home causing the fire that quickly spread because of the large amount of flammable material that was found inside the home.

It is worth pointing out that the moment the firefighters arrived to control the fire, they were not able to intervene quickly because the doors of the building were locked, having to make use of technical measures to work on putting out the fire; that while the firemen were carrying out the work of putting out the fire, they were being besieged and attacked by hooded groups.

Issued in the city of Managua on the sixteenth day of the month of June of two thousand and eighteen.

Ramón Landero

General Director         [Illegible Signature]

[SEAL of Director]

Student Interviews: Jessica Cisneros and Yerling Aguilera

This is an interview of student Jessica Cisneros and professor Yerling Aguilera published in digital newspaper Público from Madrid on June 20, while on a tour of European cities to talk about the situation in Nicaragua. In addition to a good summary of the period from the student perspective, it also begins to address some next steps. 


Two young Nicaraguan activists, Jessica Cisneros and Yerling Aguilera, did a tour through different European countries to explain the demonstrations against the Government of Daniel Ortega

Published in the digital newspaper Público, Madrid, June 20, 2018

By Natalia Quiroga

Jessica Cisneros and Yerling Aguilera arrived in Madrid exhausted. The two young women are Nicaraguan activists and very active participants in the student mobilizations that have been held in Nicaragua since the end of April. During the last month the two have traveled through different countries of Europe as part of the Informational Caravan in International Solidarity with Nicaragua. Público spoke with them, a little after beginning a talk full of people, especially women and many fellow country men and women who carried posters, along with blue and white flags. Among many other slogans, shouts in capital letters were heard: “they were students, they were not criminals”.

Two months after the beginning of the most violent repression on the part of the Government of Nicaragua against some social protests, the Nicaraguan Center for Human Rights (CENIDH) totaled more than 200 people killed. Likewise, Amnesty International is denouncing the lethal strategy of repression on the part of the government, characterized by the excessive use of force, extrajudicial executions, control over the communications media, and the use of parapolice groups to put down the protests.

The demonstrations, led by students with an important leading role of women, and who have been joined by different collectives of civil society, started last April 18th after the government announced a reform of social security without any type of prior consultation. Some days prior, a first episode of demonstrations had been produced to protest for the poor management of the government in a fire that had been happened in the jungle. “On April 18th a group of us teachers, youth and students peacefully demonstrated outside the Central American University in Managua, and we were witnesses to how the Government began to unleash parapolice forces to repress us. We had to flee and find shelter im the University,” points out Aguilera, who is a professor and social researcher in the Polytechnical University in Managua, and an activist for women´s rights and the political left.


The governmental response to what was the beginning of a peaceful, social student demonstration from the universities was violence. And precisely that disproportionate violence was what generated the domino effect of solidarity among the entire population. “The government, in the face of its incapacity to dialogue and negotiate the social conflict, deployed para police forces to repress the protesting students. The people in an act of solidarity in the face of these events, precisely the solidarity inherited from Sandinism, began to put up barricades, or block the streets in the neighborhoods. I am talking about popular neighborhoods in Managua and also in places that represent the historical bases for Sandinism. In the face of the repressive wave of the Government, there were more uprisings and the people also began protecting themselves through the barricades. Many places of the country have been paralyzed since then.”

In the first days of the protest, Álvaro Conrado, a young man just 15 years of age, took a bullet from the para police forces, while he was taking water to the university students. He became the youngest victim in the protests. “The violence got worse when the government gave the order to not treat any young student or person related to the demonstrations. This child Álvaro Conrado, after being shot, was taken to two public institutions and was denied treatment, and just like him many young people died along the way,” Jessica Cisneros pointed out, a feminist and activist for the right to citizen participation of the youth.


The discredit and criminalization of the demonstrations on the part of the president, Daniel Ortega and his wife, Vice president Rosario Murillo, is ongoing and has insisted from the beginning on relating the protests to current imperialists outside the country, and politically right wing groups in the country. “We started this informational campaign precisely because we perceived that there was a lot of polarization around the information that was flowing outward, also because in Nicaragua there is an authentic monopoly of the communications media, whose owners are the children of Daniel Ortega and Rosario Murillo. The second reason why we are here is because we want to definitively unmask this fascist government.”

“I want to leave very clear that there is no, neither tutelage of any political party nor any group on the right, among other things, because the political parties of the right, and in general political parties in Nicaragua, are nothing more than a satellite of the party that the Ortega group has hijacked. In addition, the parties of the right in Nicaragua do not have any credibility nor following in the country, because they have been part of this honeymoon with the government, we cannot forget that Daniel Ortega came to government thanks to a pact for sharing quotas of power with the right.”

“It has gotten to the point of talk about a coup in Nicaragua, which shows a complete lack of knowledge of political theory, among other things, because there is no quick action to take power; neither the armed forces nor the police forces on the side of the people at this moment. To talk about a coup is to talk about what happened in Honduras and which, it is true, the government of Nicaragua also has been an accomplice to and has legitimized that event,” pointed out Aguilera.

The criminalization of the protestors has not just happened in discourse, or repression in the streets, but also in selective persecution. “They go to the neighborhoods and the homes of the people most involved to threaten them, kidnappings are happening, torture amd bodies appear in the streets,” adds Aguilera. “We ourselves, based on the visibility that the Informational Campaign is having, we are suffering a media campaign to discredit us. We are aware of the fact that, on our return to Nicaragua, they could kidnap us or take us to the Chipote jail, where systematic torture is being denounced.”

In addition to the informational campaign, with the Caravan the young activists also are trying to expose to the European political groups the situation that their country is experiencing. “In Madrid, we have met with representatives of the PSOE (Socialist Party of Spain), Podemos and Ciudadanos and we have asked them to investigate the use that is being made of weapons that have been sold from Spain,” explained Aguilera.


The national dialogue roundtable began a month after the start of the street protests, an effort guided by the Episcopal Conference, civil society and the business people to calm the crisis. On May 16th it was able to get the government, students and business people to sit down to talk, and they set a term of one month to present agreements that would put an end to the crisis. Daniel Ortega, in a meeting transmitted throughout the country, disowned the victims.

The dialogue was suspended on May 23 for lack of consensus to arrive at a peaceful agreement. Some days later, May 30, Mothers day in Nicaragua, a demonstration was held that achieved the largest participation, but also the bloodiest repression: the final result of the day was 11 dead and 79 wounded.

After a one day strike, called by the private sector and broadly supported throughout the country, on the afternoon of Friday June 15 a new dialogue roundtable was opened without the presence of Daniel Ortega. After hours of meeting behind closed doors, the government accepted inviting the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (UN) and the Interamerican Commission for Human Rights (IACHR) to investigate the more than 200 deaths by the violence unleashed since April 18th. Nevertheless, barely two days later, the dialogue roundtable again was suspended due to the lack of action on the part of the government to invite these international organizations.

Cisneros as well as Aguilera show a complete lack of confidence that the Government would respond to any type of dialogue. “The dialogue is basically blocked because the government of Ortega refuses to accept our highest condition: the end to the repression and justice for the crimes committed,” added Aguilera. “The government has completely blocked the peaceful path that we have offered from the people. It has always been this way, Ortega has been annulling al the channels that would allow dialogue and the participation of the people.”


Daniel Ortega has been the president of Nicaragua since 2007. After three defeats at the polls, Ortega and Sandinism that he represents thus returned to the government 16 years after having lost power on Feb 25, 1990.

“I am a woman of the left, I come from a popular class, from a single mother, from a rural zone, I had to migrate to Managua to be able to have a career,” explained Aguilera. “I am part of that group of people who also have been disappointed by this entire dictatorial and fascist turn that the Ortega government has had, above all because at some point we believed that under the Sandinista Front flag that was hijacked by the government, we could build a more just Nicaraguan society. The Sandinism of the government of Ortega is dead, because they themselves have killed it, and that is also why the demonstrations presume a reappropriation on the part of the people of the symbols of the sandinista revolution.”

Both activists insist, likewise, on not linking what is happening in their country to what is happening in other countries of Latin America. “I do not understand why people insist on comparing Nicaragua and Venezuela, because they are very different processes, the rise of Chavez was not the same as the rise of Ortega who, among many other things, negotiated quotas of power with the right wing parties. But in addition the dynamic itself with which people have mobilized in the streets is absolutely different,” explained Aguilera.

“This government always presumed that it was a grassroots party, a popular organization, my question is, at this moment, where are those grassroots, where is that popular organization? People have mobilized precisely out of the weariness accumulated over 11 years of feeling excluded from all channels for participation, the absolute distancing of the government from the working class. The peasants have been mobilizing for years over their opposition to Law 840 that granted complete property rights for 100 years to Chinese capital enterprises to build and exploit an interoceanic canal.”

“It is important to show the disinterest on the part of the government to deal with the crisis that Nicaragua is experiencing, “ Cisneros pointed out. “They insist on announcing the growth of the GDP, but they do not explain that 80% of employment is informal: how is it possible that there is development if the people have to migrate to seek a better life for themselves? These same Nicaraguans who are all over world are the ones who really are supporting the economy through their family remittances.”


No one knows what would happen should Ortega accept abandoning power, a still complicated scenario. Nevertheless, the mere fact that the mobilization has been maintained over two months is a clear sign that the people of Nicaragua are looking for a change. “It has been left demonstrated that the people are united against Ortega and the people will save the people,” pointed out Cisneros. In the city of Masaya, historic bastion of Sandinism, last Monday was proclaimed “liberated from dictators” and they began to organize a self government, the reason for which the next day they suffered a hard blow from the paramilitary forces, which was paid for with various deaths.

“It is a scenario where what predominates is the effort for daily survival in the face of the repression, the process of the construction of a transition agenda is obviously more complicated, “ explained Aguilera. “I do not represent all the sectors that are mobilizing, and each sector has demands and particular conditions, but in terms of immediacy, in the face of a not very probable but possible scenario that Daniel Ortega would abandon power, I would start by empowering a process that would be a Transition Commission through which an outlet could be found to the demad for democratization of the Nicaraguan people, which would imply also a complete purification of all that corruption that has marked all the state institutions.”

“All this implies a process of construction because right now there is no political party that is leading it, and we should also develop the possibility that the people can participate in some way without the need to be part of any political party, an issue debated even before the mobilizations. Before creating any type of coalition it is important to maintain and strengthen the work from the grassroots, from below, that already has been organized for some time. Obviously this sounds very nice in discourse, and we all know that in reality other processes intervene, but it is true that we have to do everything possible to rebuild the system and keep opportunistic forces and political parties from being able to take advantage of all this context.”

“This is also a process to rethink how the situation of women has been treated and addressed, beyond the role offered by the government, and which is practically decorative, just to meet a quota but always separated from the decision making.”



This is the Commission composed of Catholic Bishops asked by Pres. Ortega to play this role. This is their report after the first work sessions of the committees called for in the meeting of the National Dialogue on June 16th. The Civic Alliance for Justice and Democracy issued their own statement here



JUNE 18, 2018


After receiving the official minutes of our secretary in the Verification and Security Commission, the Electoral Roundtable, and the Judicial Roundtable, the Mediation and Witness Commission of the National Dialogue informs the national and international community the following:

  1. Verification and Security Commission:

1.1 The Civic Alliance for Justice and Democracy requests the physical presentation of the invitation letters done by the Government of the Republic to the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights and the European Union. Without this evidence, it is considered that there are no conditions to open the work session nor to install the Verification and Security Commission.

1.2 The Government Commission requests that the work plan of the day be presented, while a response is given to the request of the Civic Alliance for Justice and Democracy, and that the presentations of the letters not become a requirement to install the Verification and Security Commission.

Mons. Carlos Avilés, representative of the Mediation and Witness Commission, submitted both proposals to a vote. Neither received a consensus. Therefore the session was ended at 12:00 noon.

  1. Electoral Roundtable

Mons. Miguel Mántica, representative of the Mediation and Witness Commission presented the work index. Prior to the development of the agenda, the Civic Alliance for Justice and Democracy requested the physical presentation of the invitation letters done by the Government of Nicaragua to the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights and the European Union. Without that evidence, it was determined the conditions did not exist to open the work session, nor to install the Electoral Commission.

This request was done based on the agreements of the Plenary session of June 15, 2018.

The Government Commission reported that due to the fact that there are no conditions in the country and for internal procedures required, it has not been possible to make those requests.

Therefore the session was adjourned at 12:20 in the afternoon.

  1. Judicial Roundtable:

The members of the JUDICIAL COMMISSION of the National Dialogue concluded the following:

3.1 That both delegations recognize the levels of violence in the country and the need to install as soon as possible the Verification and Security Commission which would help the pacification of the country.

3.2 That for lack of consensus to discuss the democratization index: resignation, reduction amd new periods for the Magistrate of the Supreme Court presented by the Mediation and Witness Commission to the Judicial Roundtable, Fr. Pablo Antonio Villafranca, representative of the Mediation and Witness Commission suspended the session at 11:20am

Therefore, the Episcopal Conference of Nicaragua agrees to request the Government of the Republic of Nicaragua to urgently send as soon as possible the official and formal invitation to the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights and the European Union to be installed in the country, all in accordance with the agreement that both parties made on Friday June 15 of this year in the National Dialogue. In addition we consider to be vitally important to also urgently request to the IACHR, to send technical consultants for the Verification and Security Commission. These invitations would unquestionably help that it begin to work on the social stability of Nicaragua.

When the Government of the Republic sends us the copies of those invitations and the international organizations transmit to us the reception of those invitations, we will make them known to the national and international community to immediately convoke the Work roundtables and consequently the Plenary of the National Dialogue.

We continue calling out to the people of God to continue praying for our Country.

Issued in our offices, on the eighteenth day of the month of June of 2018.

[Signatures of the Bishop members of the Mediation and Witness Commission]

Gioconda Belli Open Letter to Rosario Murillo

Gioconda Belli is a well known poet and writer and participated in the overthrow of the Somoza government as a Sandinista. She tells her story in the  book, “The Country Under My Skin: A Memory of Love and War” (Anchor:2003)


(translation of letter by Gioconda Belli June 17, 2018)


It is true that your communications policy since you came to government has been governed by that maxim that “a lie sufficiently repeated becomes the truth.” For eleven years you have sown the wind in this country, turning those not on your side into despicable adversaries, and proclaiming a country of solidarity that only exists in your imagination. But you have sown the wind and you are now harvesting the whirlwind. Lying has been a mistake. Now all the lies, like black ants, are chasing you.

And nevertheless the spectacle of falsified truth does not stop. What horrible days these have been: death after deaths, police leading hordes of paramilitaries, young people disappeared, beaten! So much violence culminated yesterday in the Dantesque and very sad fire where an entire family perished with small children, and where enraged people burnt the people they felt were responsible.

I do not know what we might expect from you who did not show any mercy with your daughter, your own flesh and blood. But concerning the pain of more than 170 people dead, you have not stopped, you lie without meaning nor scruples to orchestrate, at the National Dialogue roundtable, before the Bishops and suffering people, the cynical and false discourse of the Foreign Minister Moncada and the other participants from your government. The rehearsed script that they follow has your seal: you try to absolve yourselves from blame and present those attacked as aggressors; another case of the doves shooting at the shotguns.

In that same dialogue, without any shame, Chancellor Moncada read a press release of the State Firemen about the fatal fire. But we are a small country and everything is known: the Volunteer Firefighters clarified that it was they, and not those who signed the press release, who responded to the call from the population. They were the ones and the neighbors, as we saw in the video, who tried to put out the flames. But the population that was helping were accused by the false firemen of having obstructed their work.

Another one of your representatives, Edwin Castro, on Friday left at the end of the session, avoiding journalists with the excuse that in León they were burning the tax office. It ends up that those who were going to burn it- paramilitaries – arrived at the site after his announcement, and it was the insurgent population who prevented the fire. The deceit was not well coordinated. And we are all witnesses. We have seen it like we have seen trucks empty out the State offices that later killers burn down in order to blame the youth who are protesting.

I would like to recommend, Rosario, that you go out of your enclosure in El Carmen to speak with the people that you claim to represent.

Pull up your Mercedes Benz jeep to the barricades of heroic Masaya to find out what they think about you and your husband. Don´t be afraid. The people are not murderous, your people are not murderers. The murderers are armed and follow the orders of your commandante partner. We have seen them pass through the neighborhoods in Hilux pickups, behind the police units, armed to the teeth and with the license to kill that you have given them. Eighteen pickups loaded with those paramilitaries escorted by the Police, passed by the Santa Rosa neighborhood. They were filmed in that neighborhood and in others that have been under siege and terrorized. None of this is hidden, as is also not hidden where the sinister people live who with unheard of violence have wanted to control this country.

For eleven years you have pronounced with obsessive constancy sickly sweet speeches of love for Nicaragua and love for this people. You have gone around ordering and disordering our system of Government, trampling on our freedom and democracy. But the truth has its way of coming out. The last CID Gallup Survey registered that 70% of the population wants you to resign and leave. Look how quickly the true feelings of the Nicaraguan people are revealed when they lose fear and dare to speak the truth of their hearts.

Rosario, on June 14 did you dare to watch any TV channel that was not one that repeated your discourse? Did you see the national response to the call for a general strike? Did you see the closed businesses, the desolate streets in the cities and towns of the country? That day the people shouted with their silence how tired they are of falsehoods, even of that strange religiosity with which you send us to pray, while your people threaten with death the brave Bishops who have defended the people. And what do you think motivated so many fellow citizens to fell the metalic trees that you imposed on us as excessive and wasteful scenery in Managua? Happy crowds in revelry knocking down the psycodelic symbols of a country that you have tried to personalize, as if it belonged to you.

Let me remind you that the beatings that your old “boys” of the JS (Sandinista Youth) gave the students – that we all saw live and in full color thanks to cell phone cameras – was what unleashed this rebellion. Dressed with tshirts of Peace and Love with your signature and that of Daniel, they kicked and beat defenseless people. If you would see those videos and those of the dead students in the following days shot in the head, maybe you would feel more shame for that colorful campaign that no one believes now that #Nicaragua wants peace, #Love for Nicaragua. Nicaragua does want peace, but not the peace that you preach and that has cost 170 deaths, more than two thousand wounded, and dozens of disappeared in just two months.

What lack of decency that later your delegates to the dialogue arrive naming the few casualties that you have suffered! Your deaths are also to be lamented, there is no doubt, but what did you expect? He who kills by the sword dies by the sword. It is the terrible consequence of the black cloud of violence that you have blown mercilessly over our country. How can you, Rosario, send the Minister of Health, Sonia Castro, to say that no one had been prevented from entering the hospitals, that no one has been denied aid, when there is proof and the dead who testify how medical attention was denied to the young students? Why don´t you talk to the Mom of Álvaro Conrado, 15 years of age, who died because he was denied access to the Cruz Azul Hospital? She will tell you the truth, as will other mothers tell you if you dared to listen to them. I saw Minister Castro deny the entrance of the medical students to the hospital of León as a reprisal for having participated in the protests. The rejection of the hospitals is recorded in video by the population. They are not fantasies of the victims.

You are the only one who sticks by propagating fantasies that do not appear at all like reality. Through the TV channels and media of your family, since the first day, the dirtiest propaganda techniques have been put to use to turn the disgruntled population into “right wing criminal bands”. It is an old scheme: turn those who are protesting into enemies to be able to kill them, and ask others to kill them mercilessly. These techniques of dehumanizing a supposed “enemy” were used effectively against the Jews in Nazi Germany. In this way here Nicaraguans have been thrown against Nicaraguans inventing coups, conspirations and other similar motives that only try to hide the light of the sun with a fingertip.

That sun of freedom that moves this civic and uarmed revolution, haven´t you realized that it has spread through the entire national territory? The people have self convened themselves without more leadership that that of their community leaders and their cry is “have them leave.”

I do not have much hope that the cruelty and viciousness would abate that is attempted to disguise in sheep´s clothing. It is a shame that you have decided to use your intelligence and capacity to organize to take us to this terrible crossroads. With your caligraphy, that with which you have marked all of Nicaragua, you have written the blackest page in the history of the FSLN, you have tarnished your legacy, you have killed again all the heroes and martyrs that fought so that in Nicaragua there would not be another dictatorship.

In the fields and mountaions, in the cities and towns there are millions of eyes watching you, some incredulous, others horrified, but now no one afraid. What we are seeing we will never forget. We will never forget that Mother´s day, during the largest march that the city has seen, and in the other marches in the provinces, eighteen innocent people died. Do you think that you will convince us that the people in the march shot themselves?

This is not the first letter that I have written you, Rosario. I have been witness more than once to your mania to distort things, and your ability to twist reality. I admit that I did not think that power would so absolutely destroy your poetry, that the woman who I gave refuge to in the past would squander not only her present, but also her future.

Neither you nor Daniel will pass into history in the colorful and magnificent page that you have imagined. Neither history nor the people will ever absolve you.





National Dialogue


JUNE 16, 2018


On Saturday June 16, 2018, gathered together the Mediation and Witness Commission, composed of His Eminence Cardinal Leopoldo Brenes, Mons. Rolando Álvarez, Mons. Jorge Solórzano, Mons. Bosco Vivas, Mons. Silvio José Báez, with the presence of Mons. Waldemar Stanislaw Sommertang, Apostolic Nuncio in Nicaragua.

The sectors participating have been representatives of the government, coordinated by Mr. Denis Moncada Colindres, members of private enterprise, students, universities, civil society, workers, the rural area, evangelical churches and indigenous and afro-descendent communities.

The Dialogue roundtable reached the following agreements:

  1. CONFIGURATION OF VERIFICIATION AND SECURITY COMMISSION to comply with agreements no. 5 and 6 of the Press Release of June 15, 2018, which said the following:

(5) “ The Verification and Security Commission is created, composed of representatives of the National Dialogue, always having the Church as witness and international organizations refered to above as accompanying entities. The Commission will define its work procedures and internal organization, approved by the National Dialogue. This commission will verify that an environment of peace and security exists for all Nicaraguans.”

(6) “The end of all forms of violence and threats no matter where they come from in the national territory, and a plan with its implementation as soon as possible for the removal of barricades on the part of the Verification and Security Commission. This will favor even more the maintenance of an environment of peace and security.”

The Verification and Security Commission will be composed of twelve members; six for the Government and six for the Civic Alliance for Justice and Democracy.

Members designated by the Government:

  1. Luis Barbosa
  2. Luis Jiménez
  3. José Adan Rivera
  4. Verónica Gutiérrez
  5. José Ángel Bermúdez
  6. Leonel Bonilla


  1. Marcos Gradiz
  2. Josñe Espinoza
  3. Lola Esquivel
  4. Adolfo Pastrán
  5. Jorge Mora
  6. Leonardo Tórres

Members designated by the Civic Alliance for Justice and Democracy

  1. Marvin Hogdson
  2. Jean Carlos López
  3. Álvaro Vargas
  4. Sandra Ramos
  5. Azahalea Solís
  6. Medardo Mairena

The Mediation and Witness Commission has designated for this worktable as technical coordinator Mr. Jorge Solís, and as mediator and witness Mons. Carlos Avilés.


2.1 Configuration of the Electoral Roundtable, composed of six members; three for the Government and three for the Civic Alliance for Justice and Democracy.

Members designated by the Government:

  1. Lumberto Campbell
  2. Mayra Salinas
  3. Denis Moncada


  1. Iván Lara
  2. Moisés Absalom Pastora
  3. Luis Andino

Members designated by the Civic Alliance for Justice and Democracy

  1. Carlos Tunermann
  2. Daysi George
  3. Lesther Alemán

2.2 Agenda of the Electoral Roundtable, according to program for path to put the accords into place


  • Political agreement to move up elections at all levels to Sunday March 31, 2019 (Friday, June 8, 2018)
  • Resignation and replacement of the Magistrates of the Supreme Electoral Council (CSE), change in leadership structure and assumption of posts of new authorities (Friday, June 15, 2018)
  • Reform of the Organic Law of the National Assembly, so that the constitutional reforms take effect in 2018 (Friday, June 15, 2018)
  • Reform of the Electoral Law, new electoral calendar, invitation to national observation, new political party law, citizen identification cards and purification of the electoral rolls (Friday, Sept 14, 2018)
  • Celebration of general elections at all levels, Sunday March 31, 2019
  • New authorities elected popularly take possession of their posts, Monday April 15, 2019

The Mediation and Witness Commission has designated as mediator and witness for this work table Mons. Miguel Mántica

  • Resignation, reduction and new periods for the Magistrates of the Supreme Court of Justice (CSJ)

The Commission of the Judicial Roundtable will be composed of six members; three for the Government and three for the Civic Alliance for Justice and Democracy

Members designated by the Government:

  1. Edwin Castro
  2. Alba Luz Ramos
  3. Rafael Solís


  1. Omar García
  2. Eliezer Urbina
  3. Francisco Rosales

Members designated by the Civic Alliance for Justice and Democracy

  1. Victor Cuadras
  2. María Nelly Rivas
  3. Juan Sebastián Chamorro


  1. José Ramón González o Valeska Valle
  2. Josefina Ramos
  3. Ernesto Medina

The Mediation and Witness Commission has designated as mediator and witness for this work table Fr. Pablo Villafranca

As pastors of the people of God we reiterate the urgency of the end to the violence, threats, crimes and murders against the civilian population, that causes so much grief and suffering to Nicaraguan families. No more deaths. In the name of God no more deaths.

Issued in the city of Managua on the sixteenth day of the month of June of two thousand eighteen.






Civic Alliance Press Release #8 of June 14, 2018

The Civic Alliance is the civil society organization that is the counterpart to the Government in the National Dialogue called by the  Government. This press release came after the National Strike that was called for June 14


Press release #8

To the Dialogue for Nicaragua

We thank each and everyone of the Nicaraguans who joined the National 24 hour Strike, a call for civic and peaceful protest, in spite of the threats and attacks that have increased in recent days, especially in León, Masatepe, Nindirí, Carazo, Bilwi, Nagarote and Tipitapa costing more lives of Nicaraguans. Our most deeply felt condolences to their family members.

We thanks the businesses that joined this initiative, their collaborators and the public employees who also went on strike for Nicaragua

We went on strike for the future Nicaragua and to honor the lives of the heroes of this civic struggle. We went on strike for the courage of the youth who started this struggle 58 days ago. We went on strike to honor their mothers, fathers, spouses and friends.

We went on strike because we live in a repressive regime. We strike in support of the National Dialogue mediated by the Episcopal Conference of Nicaragua that will be re-established in the coming hours, and to demand the immediate end to the violence and repression.

We reaffirm that this dialogue is the form of peaceful solution to the civic struggle and demands of our people. The dialogue has the purpose of revising the political system of Nicaragua from its roots to achieve authentic justice and democracy. It is the path to build the Nicaragua that we want and in which we all should live.

Today the people raised their voices and showed their power and unity, all the provinces of the country participated successfully in the strike. In the face of the extreme conditions that Nicaragua is experiencing, we take extreme measures.

University and Civil Society Coalition, AMCHAM, FUNIDES, FAGANIC, Caribbean Coast, National Council in Defense of Our Land, Lake and Sovereignty-Peasant Movement, COSEP, UPANIC, Civil Society

Managua, June 14, 2018

Civic Alliance Press Release #9 of June 18, 2018

The Civic Alliance for Justice and Democracy is the civil society body that accepted Nicaraguan Government´s invitation to Dialogue.


Press Release #9

Government Non-compliance


  • That the government once again failed to comply by not immediately issuing the invitation letters to the International Human Rights organizations: The Secretary General of the Organization of American States, the Interamerican Commission on Human Rights (IACHR), the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, and the European Union, according to the agreement of the plenary session of the National Dialogue on June 15, 2018. This is crucial to being able to stop the repression and blood shed, and that would ensure an independent investigation and the security of the citizens.
  • That the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, today, during his inaugural speech for the 38th session of the Human Rights Council, “condemned the violence in Nicaragua and pointed out that he hopes that the Nicaraguan Government would comply with their commitment on June 15th during the renewal of the National Dialogue, including the immediate end to all forms of violence and the invitation, without delay, to their office to visit the country,” according to the press release.
  • The continual repression and intimidation on the part of the Government and their parapolice bodies against the people of Nicaragua, increasing each day the number of deaths, wounded and kidnapped;
  • The reiterated signs of lack of will on the part of the Government to end the repression and demobilize the para police forces, being a condition expressed by the Episcopal Conference of Nicaragua (CEN) to install their process of Dialogue, and ratified by the IACHR in their preliminary report of May 21 that “…urges the State of Nicaragua to immediately cease the repression…”;

We make known to the people of Nicaragua and the international community

  • The suspension today of the Electoral and Judicial working roundtables, and the Commission for Verification and Security. Tomorrow we will rejoin the plenary of the National Dialogue and we will demand compliance with what was agreed upon as an indispensable condition to continue dialoguing.

We ratify:

  • Our support to the Episcopal Conference of Nicaragua and our commitment to the National Dialogue as the only way to put an end to the repression of the people and the search for a Nicaragua with Justice, Security, and Democracy for everyone.
  • The reiterated commitment of the Civic Alliance to create the conditions so that the National Dialogue might achieve its objective of Justice and Democracy and our commitment to search for a peaceful outcome through this body.

Managua, June 18, 2018