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This is a translation of the Vice President and First Lady´s declaration the evening of June 16, after a terrible early morning fire took the lives of 4 adults and 2 infants. Usually the First Lady makes a daily declaration around noon, but this time she did it in the evening. That morning government media … Continue reading Govt Document: Declaration of Rosario Murillo, special night edition of Citizen Power Media, June 16
This is the press release  from the governmental firefighters office, 2 km away from where a fire killed 6 people, including two infants early on the morning of June 16th. Later that morning there was another session of the National Dialogue,  and the Civic Alliance participated in protest, claiming hooded para-police forces were responsible for … Continue reading Govt Document: Press release of Firefighters on June 16, 2018
This is an interview of student Jessica Cisneros and professor Yerling Aguilera published in digital newspaper Público from Madrid on June 20, while on a tour of European cities to talk about the situation in Nicaragua. In addition to a good summary of the period from the student perspective, it also begins to address some … Continue reading Student Interviews: Jessica Cisneros and Yerling Aguilera
This is the Commission composed of Catholic Bishops asked by Pres. Ortega to play this role. This is their report after the first work sessions of the committees called for in the meeting of the National Dialogue on June 16th. The Civic Alliance for Justice and Democracy issued their own statement here MEDIATION AND WITNESS … Continue reading MEDIATION AND WITNESS COMMISSION Press Release June 18, 2018
Gioconda Belli is a well known poet and writer and participated in the overthrow of the Somoza government as a Sandinista. She tells her story in the  book, “The Country Under My Skin: A Memory of Love and War” (Anchor:2003) OPEN LETTER TO ROSARIO MURILLO (translation of letter by Gioconda Belli June 17, 2018) Rosario: … Continue reading Gioconda Belli Open Letter to Rosario Murillo
MEDIATION AND WITNESS COMMISSION National Dialogue PRESS RELEASE JUNE 16, 2018   On Saturday June 16, 2018, gathered together the Mediation and Witness Commission, composed of His Eminence Cardinal Leopoldo Brenes, Mons. Rolando Álvarez, Mons. Jorge Solórzano, Mons. Bosco Vivas, Mons. Silvio José Báez, with the presence of Mons. Waldemar Stanislaw Sommertang, Apostolic Nuncio in … Continue reading NATIONAL DIALOGUE MEDIATION AND WITNESS COMMISSION June 16, 2018 Press release
The Civic Alliance is the civil society organization that is the counterpart to the Government in the National Dialogue called by the  Government. This press release came after the National Strike that was called for June 14 CIVIC ALLIANCE FOR JUSTICE AND DEMOCRACY Press release #8 To the Dialogue for Nicaragua We thank each and … Continue reading Civic Alliance Press Release #8 of June 14, 2018
The Civic Alliance for Justice and Democracy is the civil society body that accepted Nicaraguan Government´s invitation to Dialogue.   Press Release #9 Government Non-compliance Considering That the government once again failed to comply by not immediately issuing the invitation letters to the International Human Rights organizations: The Secretary General of the Organization of American … Continue reading Civic Alliance Press Release #9 of June 18, 2018
This is the translation of an interview of one of the principal student leaders, published in La Prensa, Sunday June 17, 2018 Madelaine Caracas: “They try to shut up any voice that rebels” Madelaine Caracas is in Europe denouncing the Ortega massacre. At the inauguration of the National Dialogue she read the names of those … Continue reading Student Interview: Madelaine Caracas, co founder of University Coalition for Justice and Democracy
MINISTRY OF FOREIGN RELATIONS OF NICARAGUA MRE/DM-DMC/0742/06/18 TO THE INTERAMERICAN COMMISSION OF HUMAN RIGHTS The Government of the Republic of Nicaragua expresses its most energetic rejection of the press release issued by the Interamerican Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) of June 13, 2018, for being slanted, partial and lacking in objectivity, in pointing to the … Continue reading Govt Doc: Ministry of Foreign Relations Rejects IACHR press release of June 13
When the President Daniel Ortega called for a National Dialogue to deal with the crisis, he asked the Bishops to be mediators and witnesses to the dialogue. These are the translations of the documents that they have produced, with the most recent at the top: NATIONAL DIALOGUE MEDIATION AND WITNESS COMMISSION PRESS RELEASE JUNE 15, 2018 … Continue reading National Dialogue Mediation and Witness Commission Press Releases
This is a translation of an interview of Fr. José Alberto Idiáquez, S.J. the President of the Central American University in Managua published in El País, a Spanish newspaper based in Madrid, written by Carlos Salinas on June 15, 2018. Fr. Idiáquez is a participant in the National Dialogue, and has received death threats from … Continue reading Interview of Fr. José Idiáquez, President of the UCA, El País
The massive protests have been led by university students, who also are key players in the National Dialogue. This is an interview of one of those student leaders Víctor Cuadras: “It is unacceptable that Ortega try to stay in power” University leader states that moving up the elections is with Ortega out of power Translation … Continue reading Student Interview: Víctor Cuadras: “It is unacceptable that Ortega try to stay in power”
TRANSLATION OF FACEBOOK POSTING OF OSCAR RENE VARGAS[1] JUNE 12, 2018 Oscar René Vargas Escobar Nicaragua: the end of Ortega Murillo / Oscar-René Vargas / June 12, 2018 Uniformed police, sharpshooters, para-police forces close to the Ortega-Murillo government shoot at close range at disarmed people. The para-police forces are applying state terrorism mechanisms against unarmed … Continue reading TRANSLATION OF FACEBOOK POSTING OF OSCAR RENE VARGAS JUNE 12, 2018
Managua, April 24, 2018 Your Most Reverend Eminence Cardinal Leopoldo Brenes Bishops of the Bishops Conference of Nicaragua Your Eminence and Excellencies: We have received your message to the Nicaraguan people with a lot of recognition and respect, expressing your decision to accompany the Dialogue Process that we are installing in our country, to take … Continue reading Govt Document: Letters from Daniel Ortega to Bishops Conference re National Dialogue
PRESS RELEASE- BISHOPS CONFERENCE OF NICARAGUA  April 24, 2018 Grace and peace to you from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ (Phil 2) “The love of Christ urges us” (II Cor 5,14) The Bishops Conference of Nicaragua, after praying, listening and asking for the light of the Holy Spirit: Accepts being “mediator and … Continue reading Bishops Conference of Nicaragua Statements on National Dialogue
Release # 1 United to Dialogue Monday, May 14th, 2018 Together, representatives of students, the countrymen movement, the civil society and the Nicaraguan private sector, we reiterate our willingness to attend to the National Dialogue, although we agree with the Episcopal Conference of Nicaragua that the circumstances for such dialogue are not ideal. We demand the … Continue reading Statements of the Civic Alliance for Justice and Democracy, May 14-June 12, 2018
A number of people have asked me about the sequence and timing of events since April that have led Nicaragua to this moment in time.  With that question in mind, please click on this link for a pretty good timeline synopsis of events to the present.  It may not transport you into the thick of … Continue reading How Did We Get Here?
The massive protests have been led by university students, who also are key players in the National Dialogue. This is an interview of one of those student leaders University Alliance warns: they want to “advise” us and “impose agendas” June 11, 2018 (translation of article published originally in El Faro, republished in Confidencial: Harley … Continue reading Student Interview of Harley Morales of the University Alliance
The confrontations continue, and with them the growing uncertainty of where it all will end.  Comparisons with the Sandinista Revolution of the 70’s are inevitable, even with the figure of Daniel Ortega front and center as he was all those years ago.  But this time, he finds himself on the other side of the fence, … Continue reading Insights from Inside: Student Interview of Enrieth Martínez
With the ongoing demonstrations and attacks occurring in Nicaragua, and our periodic attempts to summarize some of the most important events, we have initiated this extra blog column.  Nica Update won’t take the place of daily news, but it will provide some information from sources which might not be readily available elsewhere.  This column will … Continue reading Adding Nica Update