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It has been a strange week for me. My  head spent the days immersed in matters like employee ownership, organizational strengthening, empowerment, open book management, continuous improvement, transparency and the wisdom inherent in organizations. My heart was in Nicaragua, at the foot of Peñas Blancas, with more than 50 peasant producers who are spending the … Continue reading Here and There
It is a well-known fact that within the many cultures which have existed throughout history, tales have emerged which have attempted to teach us the “way to live.”  Aesop shared his fables, Hans Christian Andersen told his fairy tales, the Brothers Grimm wove their grim yarns and Dr. Seuss rhymed his most passionate views so … Continue reading All of Nothing
The alternative path of associativism René Mendoza Vidaurre[1] The betrayal of their own path People dispossessed for so many years collected their savings and gave them to one of their sons, Solin, for him to pay for the coffee that was collected from their own group. Solin had never had so much money; he was … Continue reading The alternative path of associativism
The Girl Who Survived the War I visited a family that is a member of a cooperative, and in the conversation they brought up the big battle that happened in their community of Los Cocos [Quilalí] in 1983. It was “the big war”. Doña Moncha related “that day 14 people died from our side, I … Continue reading The Girl Who Survived the War
A key agreement in the recent negotiation is the release of all political prisoners by June 18, 2019. One of the reasons why the Civic Alliance called for a National Strike was their concern about the lack of willingness on the part of the government to comply with this and other agreements. The Government issued … Continue reading Ortega Regime manipulates figures of political prisoners in order to not free all of them
This was the response of the Foreign Ministry of Nicaragua to the action of the Permanent Council of the OAS yesterday, who approved a resolution calling for the liberation of political prisoners, respect for human rights and institutional reforms for legitimate elections; and to the call of the Civic Alliance for a National Strike on … Continue reading WORK PROGRAM OF GOVERNMENT OF NATIONAL RECONCILIATION AND UNITY TO ESTABLISH STABILITY AND PEACE IN NICARAGUA
Drinking coffee as an act for peace in times of polarization Nicaragua is once again extremely polarized. It is enough to compare different posts on our nica-update to see diametrically opposed views of the ongoing crisis. We post them not to imply that each perspective is equally true, but rather to recognize that important segments … Continue reading Drinking coffee as an act for peace
On March 1 Steve Sheppard retired as CEO of the Winds of Peace Foundation, but will remain as President of the Board.  Words are inadequate for expressing my deep appreciation for Steve´s leadership in these 13 years, and how grateful I am that he is continuing on as President of the Board. He has significantly … Continue reading Message of Appreciation

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WPF concept paper final Jan 2014

For an introduction to this Concept Paper,
see CEO Steve Sheppard’s Jan. 31, 2014 blog post titled
The Difficult Work of Bridges.

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