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Day after day, I have hesitated to write here because the onslaught of news has kept me off-balance.  There have been few times in my life when the matters of politics, social upheaval, public health and dysfunctional economics have all come together with such overwhelming force.  Every one of the issues is daunting.  Facing them … Continue reading Out of Balance
When a man acts, he pronounces himself to the world. When a man who has become a leader enriches himself and his family at the expense of his followers, he is a syphon; When a man speaks words that betray reality, he is a liar; When a man sees himself as the only answer to … Continue reading When A Man
“Free, only want to be free, We huddle close, Hang on to a dream.”  –America by Neil Diamond There’s no shortage of patriotic music today, July 4.  From God Bless America sung by Kate Smith to America by Simon and Garfunkle,  America the Beautiful by Ray Charles, God Bless the USA by Lee Greenwood, I’ve heard songs all day … Continue reading They’re Coming to America
“It is said that the children of the very poor are not brought up, but dragged up.”                                                    Bleak House, by Charles Dickens It’s an image that is haunting, and daunting, this … Continue reading Bleak House
A rural challenge, that adolescent daughters do not become “child mothers” René Mendoza Vidaurre[1]   Article dedicated to Anabell Cardoza and Jesner Pérez, who seek their own path in the midst of “social tsunamis”   Indifference Juanito would constantly go by the house where Juanita lived, he 20 and she 13. The mother detected that … Continue reading A rural challenge, that adolescent daughters do not become “child mothers”
Cooperatives rooted in their communities committed to coffee quality[1] Life A couple of coop members were travelling in a bus. After getting settled, Juana said to Pedrón “Life is something, right?” Pedrón reacted recalling that song; “and what is life?” “Our lives are like coffee” said Juana seriously. “What? How is that?”, Pedrón continued asking. … Continue reading Cooperatives rooted in their communities committed to coffee quality
Prospects for 2021: from “caterpillar” to “butterfly” René Mendoza Vidaurre[1] The strength of dreams -How are we doing? Asked the caterpillar of the spider -Walking, and you? -Walking. I want to tell you about a dream I had, from the mountaintop I saw the beauty of the valley. I am going up there, would you … Continue reading Prospects for 2021: from “caterpillar” to “butterfly”
IOTA: A cry of pain and hope René Mendoza Vidaurre[1] Hurricane Iota The nails creaked and the rooves of the homes thundered The wind howled like lightening trapped among the trees Rivers overflowed and washed away even the gasps of the most incredulous A cry emerged from the mouth of the soil and the impoverished … Continue reading IOTA: A cry of pain and hope

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