20 Points that Unites Us for a New Nicaragua

The Blue and White National Unity released this plan for widespread discussion, within a context where the Nicaraguan government had denied the entry of a delegation of the OAS to help reactivate a dialogue that might bring about a non violent resolution to the ongoing crisis. The Blue and White National Unity has been criticized in the past for not having a plan for governance.

20 Points that Unites Us for a New Nicaragua


The common objective of the blue and white organizations and movements is the construction of a democratic society that assures us that dictatorships of any political sign never become enthroned again. The transition to democracy passes through the departure of the dictatorial regime and the constitution of a national unity government committed to justice, freedom and the defense of human rights.

This historic objective we will achieve through citizen mobilization for our rights, united in a large coalition that would bring together democratic forces without exclusions, and triumph in free and transparent elections. The basis for this coalition is a minimally common program that would establish the route for dismantling the dictatorship, the application of justice and democratic consolidation, to ensure the institutional framework that would open the way for economic and socially sustainable development.

For truly fair elections it is fundamental:

  1. a) the re-establishment of constitutional rights that include: the liberation of political prisoners, end to the repression, freedom of expression and mobilization, the safe return of exiles and human rights organizations.
  2. b) The profound reform of the electoral system that would ensure us clean and transparent elections.

The Blue and White National Unity proposes to all organizations, movements and democratic forces in general the following Minimum Common Program prepared with the contributions of the organization members of the Blue and White National Unity for the search for a broad national consensus.


  1. Establish with the leadership of all the victims and the counsel of international human rights organizations the institutional frameworks for applying transitional justice which means truth, reparations, justice and guarantee of no repetition.
  2. Investigate the crimes, all the human rights violations, including those of gender based violence, to identify the guilty and bring them to justice. Establish for these effects a Special and Independent Prosecutor with international assistance to investigate and process those responsible with complete impartiality.
  3. Create a Truth Commission that would establish and disseminate the reality of the facts of violence and abuses committed during the dictatorship of Ortega.
  4. Sign international agreements concerning justice and the protection of human rights, with a priority on the Rome Statute that established the International Criminal Court.


  1. Create a new, truly national, non-partisan Police force where there will be no place for elements involved in the repression.
  2. Disarm and dissolve the para-state groups for which there should be international assistance.
  3. Depoliticize the national army so that it might fulfill its constitutional duty as a body subordinated to civilian power.
  4. Reorganize the judicial system, purging it of judges and prosecutors committed to the repression, and strengthen it as an independent, professional and impartial body.
  5. Reform the electoral and political party system. Have effective guarantees for holding clean, participatory, transparent elections. In the case of the Caribbean Coast, the elections must respect the cultures and customs of indigenous and Afro-descendent peoples. Ensure the right of the citizenry to organize political parties and other forms of political participation, including the vote of Nicaraguans outside of the country.
  6. Strengthen and apply the Law of Citizen Participation, and repeal the laws that contradict it, to endure the involvement of the citizenry in the management of public policies and frame the political direction of the country.
  7. De-politicize public institutions and ensure the stability of public employees. Investigate the cases of layoffs in the state sector for political reasons for the reinstatement of those public employees. The confiscated or occupied land and properties of legal entities and people will be returned to their legitimate owners.
  8. Strengthen municipal autonomy and promote an authentic implementation of the autonomy regime in the Caribbean Coast, and respect for their forms of government and means of consultation for the use of their natural resources within their territories, as well as ensure the implementation of territorial remediation.
  9. Establish the absolute prohibition of presidential re-election. A person who was president once, will not be able to be president again under any circumstance. The Constitution and pertinent laws will be reformed for a more balanced distribution of power, ensuring the independence of the branches of government.



  1. Promote economic, social and environmentally sustainable growth, that would incentivize the return of capital, private investment, and job creation, and that would transform, innovate and diversify the productive matrix. For an inclusive economic reactivation emphasis will be placed on the demographic and female dividend, within a market economy with social justice.
  2. Carry out programs for the promotion of jobs, agricultural production with value added, innovation, entrepreneurship and the establishment of small and medium enterprises. Likewise promote de-politicized social programs focused on the most vulnerable sectors.
  3. Do a holistic reform of the Social Security regime within the framework of a broad national debate that would ensure the protection of the most vulnerable. And ensure that the tax laws, exonerations, and exemptions are based on principles of equity, in a way that would contribute to promoting sustainable and inclusive human development.


  1. Prioritize holistic and quality education, with a human rights approach. Promote civic values and a critical awareness in all academic levels, in addition to innovative technologies and tools that would allow for human development connected to the social reality and productive capacity. Strengthen the Autonomous Regional Educational System and ensure University Autonomy.
  2. Raise the quality and increase the coverage of health services offered within the framework of a new public health model without exclusion. Implement programs of decent housing, potable water and sewage, as well as basic quality infrastructure for all, with the view to promote a healthy environment.
  3. Investigate and recover resources illegally appropriated, especially those derived from Venezuelan aid, and commit to a frontal struggle against corruption in all its forms, in order to invest those resources in human development and the recovery of our environment.
  4. Repeal Law 840: Special Law for the Development of Nicaraguan Infrastructure and Transportation Relevant to the Canal, Free Trade Zones and Associated Infrastructure. This with the spirit of recovering and protecting the environment.

In light of the memory of all the victims and the demand of our population for a free country with justice and democracy, the organizations and movements of the Blue and White National Unity commit ourselves to publicizing and discussing this proposal to achieve a national consensus that would allow us to found the democratic republic that we Nicaraguans deserve and have so long desired.

Nicaragua, September 12, 2019.


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