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From time to time I have reproduced the writings of others at this blog site, because they have stated ideas so powerfully.  I have elected to do it again, given the words written by Kathleen at the Center for Development in Central America  (CDCA).  Kathleen has been quoted here before because what is in her … Continue reading Well Said
Coincidental or not, ever since my official departure from Winds of Peace as its leader, I’ve been afflicted by a worsening hip pain.  The discomfort did not stop me from my daily workout routines, however, until two weeks ago.  The ache in my hip and back became both chronic and intense, resulting in an inability … Continue reading The Pain That Will Not Go Away
It has been a year now since I last traveled to Nicaragua.  I miss it.  Some might wonder what there is to miss in a land of extreme poverty and, now, civil turmoil.  A couple people have even suggested to me that I must be glad not to be going to Nicaragua anymore, given all … Continue reading But What About Yareli?
The power of brutal winter has been felt everywhere, it seems.  Here in the heartland of the U.S., actual temperatures reached -37 degrees Fahrenheit, with windchill factors as low as -55.  Unfortunately, the barrage was not a one-day phenomenon but an extended period of bitterness. It all began as a rather typical shift in the … Continue reading The Bitter Cold
The alternative path of associativism René Mendoza Vidaurre[1] The betrayal of their own path People dispossessed for so many years collected their savings and gave them to one of their sons, Solin, for him to pay for the coffee that was collected from their own group. Solin had never had so much money; he was … Continue reading The alternative path of associativism
The Girl Who Survived the War I visited a family that is a member of a cooperative, and in the conversation they brought up the big battle that happened in their community of Los Cocos [Quilalí] in 1983. It was “the big war”. Doña Moncha related “that day 14 people died from our side, I … Continue reading The Girl Who Survived the War
Conditions and processes where youth energize the family agriculture cooperative movement René Mendoza Vidaurre[1] You cannot direct the wind but you can change the direction of your sails. Chinese proverb Tell me something and I will forget it, teach me something and I will remember it, make me participate in something and I will learn … Continue reading Conditions and processes where youth energize family agriculture cooperative movement
Associativism as path for peace in societies in conflict René Mendoza Vidaurre[1] Behind every adversity is an opportunity. Popular proverb.  “There is not a path to peace, peace is the path”. M. Gandhi. Naruto, Japanese manga Nagato: “War causes pain and wounds on both sides. The death of a loved one is difficult to accept, … Continue reading Associativism as path for peace in societies in conflict

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