At Every Turn

If you have read blog entries here over the past couple of years, you already know about the Genesis spinning cooperative in Ciudad Sandino, Nicaragua.  Winds of Peace has worked with this group since their inception, and watched as these women and men created something from nothing, a cooperative from a disconnected group of people desperately needing to work, and a building from an empty piece of land.  It has been a remarkable story of people overcoming the odds, even as the odds continue to work against them at every turn.

The latest chapter has had to do with the failure of a U.S. firm, Coker International, to deliver the spinning plant equipment as agreed.  The Cooperative has been waiting for delivery of the equipment for nearly an entire year now, as promise after promise from Coker has failed to complete the transaction.  Meanwhile, some of the Cooperative members finally have been forced to finally leave the coop to find other work, for the survival of their own families.

The conflict may have reached its peak this week, as a Greenville, South Carolina television station (WYFF) aired a story about the dispute in the hometown of Coker, International.  I have included a link to the story so that you may hear a summary of the tale.  (Click on the link to get to the TV site.  Then type Coker International into the search box.)  You be the judge of what’s going on here.

Meanwhile, lost in the middle of the dispute, the women continue to wait and to hope for a chance to see their incredible journey finally come to fruition.  They deserve it….

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