Deportation document of Ana Quirós


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Delivery Proceedings

The Delegate from Region IV of the General Office for Migration and Foreign Nationals of the Republic of Nicaragua, Assistant Commander Enrique Itamar Bárcenas Cerda, at the Peñas Blancas Border Post in Nicaragua, at 18:35 on the day 11/26/2018, formally delivers the citizen of Costa Rican nationality:

  1. ANA OTILIA QUIROS VIQUEZ, identity number 104780665, date of birth 12/1/1956, Consular travel permit No. 3163, issued by the General Consulate of Costa Rica in Nicaragua.

This citizen is being remitted to your authority for having had her deportation ordered. Attached is the Costa Rican Identity card 104780665 and Consular travel permit No. 3163, she is being handed over in perfect state of health.

Delivered:   [Signature illegible]                  Received: [Signature Illegible]

S/Cmdte. Enrique Bárcenas Cerda             Carlos Herra

Delegate Region IV-DGME                            Delegate for Peñas Blancas

                                                                        Costa Rica Migration

[Seal of Costa Rica Migration Police]


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