Ex pro-government journalist publishes chat of the attack on the May 30th march and denounces threats

This news piece follows up on an earlier piece where a ruling party journalist announces his resignation from the pro government media where he worked. Because he has been receiving death  threats from ex-fellow workers, he is now threatening to release screen captures that reveal false flags operations that would compromise the government.

Ex pro-government journalist publishes chat of the attack on the May 30th march and denounces threats

Translation of article in 100% Noticias on Oct 12, 2018

Carlos Mikel told 100% Noticias that he was forced to publish these chats, because after his revelations to the 100% Interview program, they threatened to kill him.

Carlos Mikel Espinoza, an ex journalist who worked for the ruling party medio El 19 Digital, published in his social networks a screen capture that uncovers the complicity of the Sandinista journalists that knew the entire time that on May 30th the government ordered the attack on the “Mothers Day March,” where 15 people were killed.

Espinoza, a refugee in Costa Rica after resigning from the ruling party media, brought this image to light because of the campaign against him on the part of his ex-fellow workers, where in addition he denounces that a paramilitary threatened him that if he returns to Carazo “he is a dead man.”

“I have screen shots of the entire afternoon of May 30th, I have screen shots of more days. If they insist on their campaign, I will release them and then I will not protect the names of friends. Whether we continue, or stop now, depends on them,” said Carlos Mikel in a tweet.

In the image it can be read that in a Whatsapp group called “I am and will be a militant”, someone wrote: “the brigade of motorcycles is going to attack. 200 are headed there.” Tania Cerón comments: “Good, already a lot of screwing around, lead.” Another person responded: “they are going to give them lead.”

This photo is accompanied by the description of Espinoza: “Screen capture May 30th. Time of the attack on the march. Look. When I left El 19 Digital I asked many to not say anything to me, that I was going to stay on the margins. It was worthless, they attacked me. I was despondent. I cried. WARNING: In the screen capture I am protecting the identity of some friends.”

In addition the journalist points out that José Miguel Fonseca (JM Fonseca), press director of the also ruling party Channel 4, has insisted on saying that his recent revelations to independent media like 100% Noticias are lies.

“Since JM Fonseca insists on saying that what I am saying are lies, and since the paramilitaries of #CARAZO sent to tell me that if I show up there I am a dead man, I will publish through this medium some chats so that you can see the type of journalists that report in the official media,” he wrote.

After publishing these messages Carlos Mikel said to 100% Noticias that he was forced to publish these chats, because after his revelations to the 100% Interview program of Lucía Pineda, the threats and harassment have intensified.

“I have seen myself forced to begin to publish some chats from the hate groups that exist within the communications media of the Sandinista Front. I did not want to fall into these blame games, but it is very complicated because there are people who do not understand that you have to respect differences of opinion,” said Espinoza.

“Since the interview that I gave you (Lucía), well in the previous days they continued to exude hate, talking badly about me, they have even gotten to threats and those threats I am not willing to accept from anyone (…) I am publishing it because Mr. José Miguel Fonseca, press director of Channel 4, is a person that says things, and it makes you embarrassed to hear him speak, he doesn´t seem to be a journalist, he exudes hate, he is a person who threatens, and I think that we are all witnesses in the field of the type of person that José Miguel Fonseca is after April 18th,” he said.

Espinoza warns that he published a screen capture and that he can “publish more, but what I publish depends on them,” he assured.

“These chats reveal the fanaticism, the hate that prevails in the communications media of the Ortega Murillo family, “ highlighted Carlos Mikel, who commented that “the chats are saved well, there are several people who have copies” and until he judges it helpful, or if anything happens to him, they will be made public.

Carlos Mikel clarifies that he will not turn these chats over to the national and international organizations who are defenders of human rights, because in them he would be involving people that he still appreciates.

“I am not thinking of turning these things over, these chats. When I left El 19 [Digital], I said that I was not going to make a denouncement, I had not made any denouncement in spite of the things that they were saying to me, in spite of the threats that I was receiving the days after I left El 19,” he indicated.

Finally the journalist that worked 9 years for the ruling party media said that it would be “a complete stupidity” to want to do something to me, “beat me or kill me, it would be crazy.”

Espinoza now does journalism from his blog Spotlightnic.

Last October 9th Espinoza revealed in the 100% Interview Program that the 100% Noticias channel broadcasts, among other things, that the looting of the different establishments of the country were planned by the CPC in each neighborhood; that they were Sandinistas who burned the family alive in the Carlos Marx neighborhood where six people died, including two children; and that the Sandinista journalists were given “workshops” by Venezuelan journalists to sell them the idea that what was happening in Nicaragua was a “coup”.

“If they think that Daniel Ortega is innocent, let them show it and don´t kill anyone. What we want is that Nicaragua be free, if they want Daniel Ortega to be the king or emperor of Nicaragua that is fine, but let them respect the right that some 6 million of us Nicaraguans have to say, “I am not in agreement,” concluded Espinoza.

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