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Women of Nicaragua have endured a particularly difficult existence within Nicaragua, withstanding civil war, loss of husbands and sons through war and emigration, grinding poverty and subservient gender status.  Despite these circumstances, or perhaps because of them, when the economic circumstances of women are raised, the conditions of the overall family unit and community are also improved.  WPF recognizes both the degree of oppression, the untapped potential and the multiplier effect that occurs when the economic and social conditions for women are improved.  WPF supports initiatives that specify assistance to women for community solidarity, personal independence and sustainable development.



Gender issues

“Women of the Community Banks of ANIDES”

The Nicaraguan Association for Sustainable Development, (ANIDES) was started in 2003 as a nongovernmental nonprofit organization, whose purpose is to promote, develop, advise, accompany and evaluate processes of social transformation at the community level with participatory methodologies and the use of appropriate technologies.

 ANIDES promotes sustainable community development alternatives to improve the welfare of peasant families living in poverty or extreme poverty, and commits to strengthening the capacity of the population through actions aimed at promoting:

  • their participation in social, cultural and economic-productive development
  • The conservation and sustainable use of natural resources
  •  the empowerment and leadership of rural women and youth.

WPF began its support of the organization in 2010 and has consistently been provided with results which affirm both its vision and energy.


                    Union of Organized Women of Yasica Sur (UMOYS)

Women of UMOYS Celebration

“14th Anniversary Celebration of UMOYS”

For 14 years, the women of the Yasica Sur region- from more than 25 separate communities- have collaborated in developing a united voice representing their civic and social needs.  They have discovered the power of unity, democratic process and strength in numbers, as they have made their presence known to municipal leaders and effectively brought about needed community changes such as road improvements, water accessibility and housing assistance

The women who comprise this group have experienced personal and organizational growth in their work with PRODESSA, a social and economic research, development and training entity in Matagalpa.  Winds of Peace has worked with PRODESSA on a number of rural development projects, including many with this group of remarkable women, whose latest project results are presented here.


Report Oct 2017 PRODESSA


AMCC | Women Builders Association of Condega


Adobe at Work

The Association of Women Builders of Condega (AMCC) is a civil non-profit organization that works to promote processes of economic, political and ideological empowerment and the full exercise of citizenship of women, youth and adult, North Nicaragua.

In order to break the roles traditions of patriarchal society prevalent in Nicaraguan society, the AMCC develops three different programs:

  • Technical Training School for Women, by promoting non-traditional technical trades of          women, including teaching and learning.
  • Advocacy and Citizen Participation for the exercise of citizenship by women of Nicaragua.
  • Sustainability and Capacity Development, becoming the AMCC as a benchmark for women to broaden their horizons in changing training and integral education. Throughout its history, more than 200 women have participated in any of the programs offered by the AMCC. WPF has worked with the school since 2011.




The work of the Women of Condega stems from experiences the members had during the 1970’s and the revolution.  Their work was reinitiated in 1992 and focused on defense of women’s rights and empowerment of women and groups of women leaders.  They seek connections with other organizations in the territory (Esteli) in order to strengthen community structures, municipal development and grassroots political advocacy.  This group also counsels women victims of physical and sexual abuse, providing psychological and technical accompaniment through the legal, judicial and sentencing process.  The Network is an organization of long standing and pioneering work on behalf of women, a group with whom Winds of Peace has partnered since 2004.