Govt Document: Declaration of Rosario Murillo, special night edition of Citizen Power Media, June 16

This is a translation of the Vice President and First Lady´s declaration the evening of June 16, after a terrible early morning fire took the lives of 4 adults and 2 infants. Usually the First Lady makes a daily declaration around noon, but this time she did it in the evening. That morning government media showed video of the fire without audio, with the commentator initially claiming that the pastor was a Sandinista, and that  the fire was caused by anti government criminals behind the protests. Independent media showed the same video shots, but with audio on, that allowed viewers to hear the comments of neighbors and relatives, who said the family did not belong to any political party, and blamed the fire on hooded pro government para police forces who also shot at them and the volunteer firemen when they tried to put out the fire. She also refers to the body of a Sandinista supporter that video showed was set on fire in the middle of the street later that same morning. 

Declarations of Rosario Murillo, Vice President of Nicaragua in a special night edition through the Citizen Power Media (June 16, 2018)

Good evening, dear Families of our Blessed Nicaragua, our Blessed Nicaragua, our Blessed Nicaragua, Always Free!

Today is a sad day, a very sad day, and I’m asking God not to put harsh words in my mouth, not to put in my mouth words that might sound bitter; I ask him to put the best words in my mouth, to fill my Heart of Love, even for those who have hijacked Peace in Nicaragua.

Let us offer them a Heart full of Love to heal the hate their Souls harbor. It is the best we can do. Because there is no revenge that fits in our Hearts, and in addition there’s no possible reparation for so much crime, for so much sinister activity, for so many attacks that seems to be satanic practices unknown in our Country.

For that reason I say, that my mouth should not be filled with insults, instead lets offer to God, our Lord, all this pain, all these afflictions, all these tragedies and, lets say to the Nicaraguan Families, as we do say to the Nicaraguan Families: Nicaragua demands, cries out for, wants peace, and that so much abomination be stopped, so much monstrosity. We had never seen such profanation of our Faith and of our Christian Practices.

Today 6 Siblings, 2 Babies, 4 Adults lost their Lives in a catastrophy caused by vandalism, by crime, by lack of Love; but, in addition, a catastrophy caused in accordance with these also sinister, evil, perverse plans, that not only caused the tragedies, pain, crimes, suffering; but they also accuse others of the pain, tragedies, crimes and suffering that they themselves have caused.

It is completely perverse, abominable, we would say, to cause the pain, crime, aberration, and then accuse [others]. What nerve, or what evil! But we have to strengthen Love in Nicaragua, because Christ Jesus who reigns in Nicaragua has taught us to love. And as the Holy Father says: God is Love, and God can always do more. And Love is stronger than hate, and if we fill ourselves with Love and if we have a heart of Love, let us be, as we are sure, that the victory is Peace in our Country. And [the victory] is Faith..Peace and Faith!

That is why we say let us not be afraid. Let us have Faith! Let us not allow the Heart to be clouded, that the Mind be clouded. Let us be Serene in the midst of the pain. Let us be Serene in the midst of the condemnation, in the midst of the indignation…Serene, prudent, patient, wise!

It requires a lot of effort to be serene, prudent, patient, wise; it requires a lot of Mysticism, because really these atrocious crimes, these crimes of hate, call for rage, anger; but we know that this does not resolve it, what resolves it is that we be filled with Love, that we proclaim Love, and that we are able to get Love to conquer once more our Nicaragua.

We also learned about the terrible crime against our Companion Franciso Ramón Aráuz Pineda, son of the Legendary Sandinista Heroine Amada Pineda de Aráuz, who I personally had the honor to know and serve when she came to La Prensa to make her denouncement, where I was working.

For me the person I had in front of me was an affable, kind person, and I did not imagine that her story would be full of so much iniquity, all the suffering that they made run through the Body and Soul of Legendary Amada. All that terrible suffering, as they tortured her, as they defiled her also, and with so much bravery she narrated all the events.

I copied down that story, I wrote it, and I know what happened to my boss, Dr. Pedro Joaquín Chamorro, and the next day it was published in 8 columns, in La Prensa of Pedro Joaquín Chamorro, the denouncement of Amada Pineda. And since I admired her courage, her bravery, and her gentleness at the same time; a woman who had been tarnished, abused by the National Guard, submitted to multiple humilliations, to rape, and that was the woman there, intact, in her Spirit, in her Soul, showing us that in spite of evil, Goodness prevails.

That Woman who today we embrace with all the Strength of our Sandinista Soul, as a Sandinista Heroine, in the face of the terrible loss of her son Francisco Ramón, whose body was abused, desecrated, tarnished, after having been murdered.

But in addition to being abused, desecrated, tarnished, all that was uploaded like a Dantesque spectable of hate to the Social Networks. Things that we had never seen in Nicaragua. Practices that we knew about in other Cultures, that filled all of us with indignation because of the lack of respect for the Human condition. Terrorist practices that have the intention of intimidating, beating, filling the population with panic, and in this case particularly Sandinistas.

Our protest, our- we would say- profound indignation, but also our Faith in the fact that the Power of God is greater, the Power of the Holy Spirit is greater than all this evil that we are seeing, with which we cannot identify because we were unfamiliar with it in Nicaragua; these practices that do not correspond to our culture, these practices that we call perverse, sinister, diabolic, satanic, because they do not correspond neither to our Faith, nor our Christian Conviction.

Amada, a great Embrace from Daniel, from me and the entire Family, and our Commitment that we will come out Ahead. As a Christian People, as Free People, as People full of Faith and Devotion, we will come out Ahead, because God is Just, and because Evil cannot prevail over Good. We know that, we have experienced it.

That is why in Proverbs 3 it says: Blessed is the man who finds Wisdom and obtains intelligence;

Length of days is in his right hand, and in his left hand honor.

His roads are the roads of delight, and all his paths of Peace.

Wisdom is the tree of life to those who make use of it, and blessed are those who retain it.

Jehovah with wisdom founded the Earth, set the Heavens with intelligence, and with his science the chasms were divided and the heavens distilled dew.

Let us not take these things from our eyes, let us keep the law and counsel, and they will be life for our Soul and grace for our necks.

Then we will walk through paths with confidence and our feet will not stumble.

And when we lie down we will not be afraid, and our dreams will be pleasing.

And you will not have sudden fear nor the ruin of the impious when it comes,

Because God will be our confidence, and he will preserve our feet, he will free us.

Let us not refuse to do good to who it is owed, when we have the power to do so.

Let us not attempt evil against the neighbor who trustingly lives next to us.

Let us not fight with anyone without reason, if they have not done wrong to you.

Let us not envy the unjust man nor choose any of his ways.

Because Jehovah, God, abhors the perverse, and his intimate communion is with the just.

The curse of Jehovah is on the house of the impure, and he will bless the home of the just.

Certainly God will scoff at the mockers, and will give grace to the humble.

The wise will inherit honor, while the foolish will bear disgrace.

Disgrace is what we experience, and our People do not deserve so much perversity, do not deserve that evil that today we see flourishing in so many places. But, just like we have Faith and we have Strength and the Fortitude of Faith, so we know, we are sure, that we are going to conquer evil, perversity, disgrace, abomination: we are going to conquer above all these sinister plans, because they are not the Plans of God for Nicaragua. And with Love, with Hope, with Trust, we are going to achieve it!

Nicaragua wants, cries out for, claims Peace, Life for the Families, claims Hope for the Children, for the Youth. Imagine you are the two children who were massacred, incinerated, today, 2 babies and 4 adults, and those who were saved.

Crimes of hate, vagaries of evil Beings; but good, God is the one who judges and God is the one who leads us through Paths of Good. And we Trust in Him, we trust in God, and we know that Nicaragua will be raised up with Love, evil will end. We proclaim it in the Name of Jesus!

This evil, this perversity will end, it will be stopped, in the Name of Jesus we proclaim it, and in the Name of Jesus we give all our Solidarity to the Families who have been victims of this senseless, irrational, uncommon violence; to the Families throughout the Country, of any Political Sign, because all of us share this Country that God has given us. All of us are Brothers and Sisters, all of us are children of God, each fallen Brother or Sister hurts all of us, every child of Nicaragua who loses their Life hurts all of us, angers all of us, but we know, we say, we repeat, we are sure that those are not the Plans of God for Nicaragua.

The Plan of God for Nicaragua is one of Faith. The Plan of God for Nicaragua is one of Love. The Plan of God for Nicaragua is one of Freedom, Dignity, Fraternity. The Plan of God for Nicaragua is one of Love, and with Love we are capable of conquering hate, evil, perversity, and any other evil, disaster, that would want to continue establishing other reigns that are not the Reign of God in our Country.

Brothers and Sisters, we are united in the Faith, we are united as Christians, we are united, we who are Catholics as well, under the Mantle of the Virgin Mary, to whom Nicaragua is consecrated. We are united, and Unity is Strength, and we are united because we all want Peace to reign, and we all want that we be able to go back to seeing as Family, all of us want to live peacefully.

Our Lord God will make real, not the dream, but his Plan in our Country. We are sure, we have Confidence, we have Hope, and we are working for that, every day, every hour, every minute, as we have dedicated all this time to promoting Good without looking at who [it is].

Commandante Daniel, our President, greets the Families that today saw their lives hijacked in the mattress factory, in the Carlos Marx barrio. He sends greetings, we have already greeted Marbelly, Amada. We embrace one another with our Brother Francisco Ramón, Historical Combatant, son of Amada, desecrated today after having been murdered. We embrace one another with him because we believe in Life, as well as we know that Love will conquer, that we can go Always Beyond with the Strength of Love.

Companions, a great Embrace of Faith, of Strength, of Christian Hope, of Trust in God. A great Embrace to everyone. Love is stronger than hate, and that decree will become reality, step by step, in Nicaragua. That is the Commitment that we have, the majority of Nicaraguas. That is what we ask of God, and God hears because God is Just. God can always do more!

Thanks, Companions, A lot of Love for all, and with Patience, with Prudence, with Calm, with Wisdom and with Faith, we say, Continue Forward!

Thank you very much…And good, I hope that God allows us today to have a peaceful night, more peaceful, and tomorrow celebrate our Masses, our Worship, all the Christian Churches that have done so many Prayers and Vigils for Nicaragua everywhere, asking the Lord that he fill us with His Love and His Wisdom. That tomorrow we might have the possibility of having our Masses, meeting one another in the Churches, meeting in the Christian, Evangelical Churches, and continue paying without stopping, so that Peace might return and so that every sinister plan might be defeated, as it will be defeated. Thank you very much.



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