Indigenous People

WPF indigenous people“Board of Directors of the Association of Indigenous Youth of Northern Nicaragua (NUMAJI) and Facilitator”


Ironically, the original peoples of Nicaragua are now among its most disenfranchised.  The Indigenous tribes of Nicaragua have systematically been stripped of status, recognition, voice, legal claims to their land and nearly every other vestige of their identity.  WPF recognizes these people as the truly native inhabitants of Nicaragua and strives to accompany them in the journey to restoration of their civil and legal rights.  WPF assists Indigenous people in discovery and development of their own solutions to preservation of their histories and traditions within a modern-day context.



(The Youth Association of Six Indigenous Peoples from the Northern Part of the Country)

NUMAJI is a network of young people from six communities of Indigenous people from the northern sector of Nicaragua.  (The six communities include Telpaneca, Cusmapa, Totogalpa, San Lucas, Mozonte and the Bulcumay Cooperative.  Winds of Peace has worked with each of these communities.)

 As members of this network, the youth have the opportunity to experience organizational and personal development skills.  Through projects which are collectively determined, youth are strengthened in skills including negotiation, advocacy, participative communication, organizational transparency, coordination and alliance-building with other organizations.  Such experiences help to prepare youth for future leadership roles in the broader society or within their own territories.