Message to Parents at the Colegio Centro América

This message was published on the Colegio Centro America facebook page, and gives an inside view as how the crisis is affecting normal families. It is a large Jesuit run institution from Preschool to High School, seen as a feeder school to the Central American University (UCA).

Posted on facebook, August 6, 2018

Good morning, parents, we are sharing with you the words of Fr. Domingo during flag raising today:

Many things have happened in the country and in the school since the last Flag Ceremony. Since April 19, 47 students have definitively left the school. Close to 70 students remain outside the country. Many fathers and mothers have lost their jobs and some families have had to separate. Likewise, we have cancelled some activities of the school: the Cup of Friendship, the Class Group Dance competition and the “Weaving Dawn” Cultural Presentation Night, in addition to other academic, pastoral, sports and cultural events. The economic situation of the school has been affected significantly…This is nothing in the face of everything that the youth and Nicaraguan families have suffered. The Flag of the school remains at half mast; it is a symbol of the sadness and grief in the face of everything that has happened. In contrast to what we sing in the National Anthem, the voice of bullets has roared and the blood of brothers has been made present in the country. This cannot be.

One of the great questions of philosophy is whether human beings are born good and later become bad, or something of evil is born with us, because we live in a reality that gets worse every day…but it should not be this way, we have to live from the hope that Nicaragua is full of good and altruistic people who daily work to make it a little more humane, that struggle day after day to have a better country.

That is why we have to continue asking and working so that a beautiful peace might shine in your sky…We are convinced that the truth is the principal requirement to overcome lies and for justice to be present, given that good always will win out. When it seems that there is no hope, when it seems that everything is lost, there are reasons to believe and hope. You always have to fight and trust that good will overcome evil, that the good in life is more and better than the bad.

The children and youth of the country are the hope that illuminate the future of Nicaragua. They are the ones who give meaning to what we are and do every day. God help us to live from hope. Let us continue praying and struggling for peace in the country in the understanding that only the truth will make us free (Jn 8,32).



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