New Perspectives

In past entries here I’ve alluded to the development of research on rural cooperatives in Nicaragua and the effort to help small-scale producers to better reap the rewards of their work.  Winds of Peace has commissioned a study on cooperativism in Nicaragua so as to better understand the history and context of why the coops function as they do, and whether there are opportunities to strengthen them beyond basic funding.  The study has been undertaken by researchers Rene Mendoza and Edgar Fernandez, two well-respected, Nicaraguan practitioners of organizational and rural development.  The final draft of their work is revealing some important perspectives that have already been useful in Winds of Peace development of its programming and funding.  In particular, the study led to the development of two, three-day workshops that I have also recounted here in earlier entries.

The full content of the study is now available for reference by anyone with an interest in a new perspective on the cooperatives.  On the Winds of Peace site, look to the left side of the Home Page for Rural Development, and beneath that tab you will see the link to the study.  You will find that the opportunity for the rural producers, buyers, technical assistance personnel and even lenders is greater than what is currently being realized; with a little collaborative effort that circumstance can be significantly improved.  Take a look at what’s happening!

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