News of the Day

I went to the television for some news this week.

I particularly wanted to see whether pictures from last weekend’s coup d’ etat  in Honduras might be available, especially as I had just been scheduled to be there at the end of May.

Michael Jackson named Diana Ross as the guardian of his children if his mother is unable or unwilling to care for them….

I also wondered what the reaction might be from government officials concerning the rise in unemployment to 9.5%, with another 467,000 more people out of work last month, the worst such numbers since 1983.

Michael Jackson may have consumed as much as $48,000 a month in prescription drugs…

The crackdown in Iran continues to boil and I fear for and cheer the Iranian people engaged in their struggle for voice, so I sought to hear reports from that news-strangled country.

Michael Jackson’s Neverland Ranch covers 2,800 acres and he paid $30 million for it, though he didn’t live there anymore….

With the Fourth of July creeping up, I hoped to hear something about North Korea’s possible plans for an "event" of some sort on the holiday.

Three of Michael Jackson’s albums are now selling more than any other artist, current or past….

Michael Jackson’s neighbor remembers Michael as a very nice, caring person….

Michael Jackson’s manager says that the singer was in terrific shape for the upcoming tour….

Michael Jackson’s brother says that Michael will be missed….

Michael Jackson’s sister says that he was much more than an icon to her family….

A full five days following the announcement of Michael Jackson’s death, one hour of television news contained 48 minutes of Michael Jackson.  The other 12 minutes were local weather and commercial messages.

Coup d’ etat.  The people of Honduras deserve better than that….

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