Of Integrity and A Sense of Justice

Genesis We’ve talked about the exploits of the Genesis Cooperative in Ciudad Sandino, outside of Managua.  It has been an inspirational journey to observe, and a privilege to accompany the women and men who have made this initiative come to life.  (You can read previous references to Genesis here, dated July 7 and June 21, 2010.)

The journey has not been an easy one, however, and there is now a new threat to the courage and perseverance of these would-be entrepreneurs.  The spinning equipment for which they have been awaiting delivery for months, is now stuck in Venezuela through no fault of Genesis.  Please read the following e-mail that Winds of Peace received today from our friends at Jubilee House, which has been assisting the women in their venture.

“Dear Friends,

We don’t usually do this, but we desperately need your help. We need you to send an email.

You are receiving this email because you receive our e-newsletter. We really need you to help us in this emergency regarding the work of the Jubilee House Community and the Center for Development in Central America, including the Genesis Spinning Cooperative.

As many of you know, the Genesis Cooperative has been working for more than 3 1/2 years without pay to build their yarn factory that will be part of the organic cotton supply chain for fair trade clothing. The Genesis co-op needs your help now. Here’s why:

Ten and a half months ago the Jubilee House Community contracted with Coker International, a used equipment company in Greenville, SC, to deliver the machinery needed for the Genesis spinning plant. Coker requested a $100,000 deposit in Oct. 2009 and in early Dec. 2009 another $50,000 because they claimed the disassembly of the equipment was “very close to being done” and expected to be ready to load the machinery in early January. Since then, we have spent every day calling and emailing with Coker, the plant in Venezuela and other contacts, trying everything we can think of to get this equipment moving.

Now, after months of delays and lies, we are being told by the original owners of the equipment, a company in Venezuela, that they have never been paid for the equipment and Coker will not provide us with receipts to prove otherwise. Two of the machines have been shipped but are being held by the shipping company for lack of payment by Coker of fines, fees, and damages incurred by Coker’s complete refusal to deal in a serious manner with this problem. All other machines, approximately 12 containers, will not ship because Coker hasn’t paid for the equipment. (For details on the equipment saga, see our blog on Genesis Equipment).

Please contact Jack Coker at Coker International and urge him to act with integrity and responsibility to resolve this situation immediately. This is our last effort to get Coker to respond and fulfill its obligation before we enter a long drawn out legal process that will inevitably lead to more hardship for the women of Genesis.

Below you will find a sample email (don’t forget to sign your name). Please send an email to Coker International at: jack.coker@cokerinternational.com, paula.yarborough@gmail.com, angel.magliano@gmail.com with a copy to us at jhc@jhc-cdca.org and forward this to your contacts.

You can also call to give the same message. Coker International: 864-335-5200, Jack Coker’s cell phone: 864-304-4161, Angel Magliano’s cell phone: 864-313-3133.

Thank you for all you do!

All of us at JHC & CDCA

Dear Mr. Coker,

As long-time supporters of the work of the Jubilee House Community in Nicaragua, we are appalled to learn of your unconscionable treatment of this non-profit organization and even more so of the hardworking women and men of the cooperatives they support. Please act with honesty and integrity to immediately fulfill your contractual obligations with the Jubilee House Community on behalf of these courageous women and men of the Genesis Spinning Cooperative by immediately delivering the agreed-upon spinning equipment to the JHC Nicaragua.

Thank you for doing the right thing.


[Your Name]”

This is nothing less than a travesty of justice for people who have given everything they have- materially, socially, emotionally, physically- and face the demise of their dream in the shape of dishonesty.

There.  You have the circumstances and the opportunity to render some help. It is most deserved….

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