Response of Nicaraguan Government to Announcement of US Sanctions

The Nicaraguan Government issued this press release shortly after the US Sanctions were announced on Nov 27, 2018.  In addition to the Treasury Department, the White House added additional sanctions by way of an Executive Order under National Emergency powers. 

The Government for National Reconciliation and Unity, faithful to its Historic Proposal of working for Peace, Security, Progress in the Fight against Poverty and the Full Rights of all Nicaraguans, ratifies to the Families of our Nicaragua and to the World:

  1. We decisively reject the Declaration and Resolution that the Government of the United States issued today by way of a Executive Order.
  2. We categorically reject the historical continuity of Interference and the Interventionist Policy of the North American Imperial Power against Nicaragua.
  3. In name of the Patriotic Legacy, the Heroic Patrimony and the Victorious Nationalistic Struggles of the Soldier Andrés Castro, General Benjamín Zeledón, Sandino, General of Free Men and Women, Carlos Fonseca and the Sandinista Front for National Liberation, we demand with Nicaraguan Dignity and Pride, the inalienable Right to our Sovereignty and Independence.
  4. In name of the indomitable Spirit of all the Heroes and Martyrs who at all Times have given their Lives for a Free, United, Prosperous Nicaragua, full of Faith and Hope, we proclaim that we are an unconquered Race, that we do not sell out nor surrender, and that we demand a Free Country, with Flags and Hearts on high.
  5. Full of Love for Country, Brave and Fraternal Co-existence, we declare as inadmissible, inconsequential, disrespectful, false and illegitimate all the accusations that confirm the imperialistic perspectives and practices of the United States of North America, and the servile and despicable condition of the native traitors.
  6. As our immortal Darío used to day, the United States can have everything, but they are missing one thing: God!
  7. Who are traitors to the Homeland? Sandino said: “1. Every Nicaraguan who would traffic with the honor of the nation for political means…”
  8. Homeland and Freedom, Sandino would say…Sovereign, Dignified, Independent Homeland. Proud and Great Spirited Homeland. Homeland to love, defend and so that its Lights might shine without thundering “the voice of the cannon”.

Homeland, in Faith and Hope!

Nicaragua will continue being Free, because it has children who love her…!

Long live Sandino!

Long live the Sandinista Front for National Liberation!

Long live the Free Homeland!

Managua, November 27, 2018

Government of National Reconciliation and Unity.

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