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Words Aren’t Enough

Much of the world is in mourning today, and indeed, for the past several days.  The sincere sorrow and genuine celebration is for former South African President Nelson Mandela, dead at age 95.  The accolades are astonishing, but I think Mandela deserves something more from us.

The world’s leaders, both past and present, have moved quickly to stand in the aura of this beloved figure of Nelson Mandela, telling us how they were so deeply impacted by him, articulating both their grief and admiration for him.  They have universally cited his capacity for leadership through his personal demonstrations of forgiveness, reconciliation, negotiation and humility.  They have extolled the importance of his place in history as a result of these postures, and lauded the results that Mandela was able to bring about by being someone who placed the well-being of others before his own health and safety.  Indeed, before his very life. Continue reading Words Aren’t Enough