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It’s time to draw attention to our updated website!  We don’t get to spend a great deal of time moving things around and adding new materials to the site, so when we do we want to make sure that our  occasional visitors are aware of the changes.  We’ve added new photos, profiles of partners, reorganized the blog site, added new categories and tags for blog articles, and added some links.  Toward what end?

Websites are designed to do all kinds of things: some are supposed to entice you to buy products.  Some are created to disseminate information in an attempt to sway your thinking.  Some are outlets for outrageous expressions of opinion.  Winds of Peace Foundation is not aspiring to any of those objectives.  We try to provide a glimpse of the Foundation’s work and perspectives in Nicaragua, a country that is very close to the U.S. geographically, and one which has experienced more than its share of troubles, whether caused by nature, politics, economics, its neighbors or social factors.  It’s a beautiful country, inhabited by a people who are persevering and humble by nature, and who withstand the difficult distinction of living in the second-poorest country in the Western Hemisphere.  It’s a place that deserved our attention.

Our pictures cannot capture the grandeur of the land.  Pictures almost never do, but we hope to provide at least a glimpse of life there.  Our reflections cannot encompass the essence of the people.  Essays almost never do, but we hope to provide some stories to mirror the realities of Nicaraguan life.  Our initiatives cannot solve the complex issues which confront the people there.  Accompaniment almost never does, but we hope to be an influence and make a difference in some lives there to the best of our resources.

So renew your familiarity with our site.  Gather the sense of Nicaragua, of our neighbors, of their circumstances, of our relationships, and in the process, if we’re lucky you might just gain an insight on yourself….

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