Transition Junta to Save the Nation

This pronouncement came out on July 2, 2018 published by the FAD (Frente Amplio por la Democracia), a coalition formed in Sept 2016 to reject what they called “the political farce of elections” scheduled for Nov 2016. It was originally composed of opposition political parties, movements, unions, youth and other sectors opposed to the government)


This pronouncement we have written with a series of self convened groups who participate in different organized spaces and in barricades in different parts of the country.


Transition Junta to Save the Nation!

We, self convened citizens, in representation of millions of Nicaraguans in the marches, barricades, medical posts, logistical support and participants in the massive and different civic demonstrations that stoke and maintain this large Civic Resistance: we cry out to the world our indignation over the large amount of deaths and wounded at the hands of a fanatical and deceitful government that is shooting weapons of war at disarmed citizens, State Terrorism, where the government murders children and citizens with paramilitaries and police. Enough already of the Repression!

  1. We demand the immediate departure of the Ortega Murillo regime FOR CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY and we cry out for in situ protection of international organizations to preserve the lives of the protesting citizens. The OAS and the UN must demand their resignation as was done with Somoza (resolution 40/79). Each day with these genocidal people in power means more death and suffering for the people of Nicaragua.
  2. We propose the formation of a Transition Junta, composed of between five and seven members, upright, firm and representative of the different sectors united in this Great Civic Insurrection. Their principal functions will be restoring the institutions and the Constitution, as well as ensuring conditions for the new General Elections. The members of this transition junta will not be able to be candidates for popularly elected posts.
  3. We demand from the leadership of the Army a definition about the possession of weapons of war in the hands of paramilitary groups and criminal bands who are murdering our people. And we ask for international advice for the IMMEDIATE DISARMING OF ALL PARAMILITARIES and the formation of a specialized Team to get to the roots and end the impunity in our country.
  4. We call on the Civic Alliance and all the Citizen and sector Movements to form Large White and Blue National Unity that could achieve the immediate departure of the dictatorship.
  5. We invite the Catholic Church and ethical people to continue as mediators in this entire transition process. We request International Organizations support and respect THE SOVEREIGN WILL OF THE NICARAGUAN PEOPLE, that CRIES OUT LOUDLY FOR THEIR LIVES: GET OUT NOW!


Managua, Nicaragua, July 2, 2018


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