Update on the National Dialogue, May 8, 2019

The distance between the perspective of the two sides can be seen in their most recent press releases. The Government emphasizes the disruption in their economic program that benefitted the poor and blames the Civic Alliance for the situation of the economy today. The Civic Alliance blames the situation on the Government and its de facto suspension of civil liberties. The latest press releases are provided below (Nicaraguan Government provided the english on their website):




[see original at: https://www.el19digital.com/app/webroot/tinymce/source/2019/00-Mayo/08MAY/GRUN/GRUN-ingles.pdf ]


  1. The GRUN Delegation at the Negotiation Table greets the Nicaraguan Families and the International Community, reiterating its Commitment to advance in the Discussion of all the Points of the Consensus Agenda, according to our Constitution, our Laws and the Legal and Institutional Order of our Nicaragua.


  1. The GRUN Delegation at the Negotiation Table reminds the Nicaraguan Families and the International Community, that among the Agreed Upon Agenda Points, there is the call that the Table must make for the suspension and cessation of Unilateral, Illegal and Arbitrary Measures that continue to affect the Nicaraguan economy and especially the most vulnerable sectors.


We also remind the Families of our Homeland and the International Community, that it is precisely those that lived in the worst poverty that are most affected by these Unjust Measures; those that have been benefiting for 11 years of the Christian and Solidarity Programs of the GRUN, in the progress of an Economic Model that privileged Social Justice (until the attempted coup of April 2018), recognized by all the International Organizations.


  1. The GRUN Delegation at the Negotiation Table has ratified our Commitment, of Good Faith and Good Will, expressed in the 236 unilateral releases and in the Commitment to continue addressing, in accordance with the Nicaraguan Laws, those cases that remain pending due to delays, non-compliance and inconsistencies of the Counterpart at the Negotiation Table.


  1. We also remember that the GRUN has committed itself to Respect all the Constitutional Rights of our Democracy, considering them the Rights of all Nicaraguans, without exception.


We have also unilaterally proposed:

a) The free and safe return of those who fled the country, having engaged in the violent actions of the coup.


b) The presence of International Witnesses and Guarantors to accompany the implementation of the Agreements.


c) Resume the Work Plan for Electoral Reform, signed between our Government and the OAS, on February 28, 2017, and interrupted by the events of the coup.


  1. All the Agenda Points signed at the Table are part of a General Agreement that contemplates the joint call for the suspension and cessation of Illegal and Arbitrary Measures against the Nicaraguan Economy.


These Illegitimate Measures, that undermine International Law, were designed as a Political Mechanism, with the intention of destroying the Economy and attacking the Right of the Nicaraguan People to advance with Social Justice, on the Path pertaining a Model and Program of Christianity, Solidarity and Sovereignty.

All Nicaraguans know where we were, how we have achieved Objectives and Goals on Social Inclusion, with the Economic, Political and Cultural Protagonism of those previously discarded Majorities, separated from the exercise of their Basic Human Right to Life Work, Hope and Wellbeing.


That Project of Christian Solidarity, Justice and Common Good was attacked by a perverse, selfish and insensitive minority, which has never known hunger or suffering, much less the lack of Schools, Hospitals, Roofs, Clothes, Housing, Work… A hoarding and greedy minority that committed the madness, and the vileness, of attacking the poorest of the poor, without shame, disgrace, or the slightest Human Compassion.


The GRUN Delegation demands Respect and Civilized Spirit from the Counterpart at the Negotiation Table, stripping itself of ignoble and blinding feelings that prevent them from seeing themselves in the mirror of those who suffer “hunger and thirst for justice”. “Blessed” they will be, says the Bible, “because they will inherit the World.”


Beyond the hatred and crude and pretentious Political Agendas, there is the Reality of a Courageous and Hardworking People that from Sun to Sun rekindle their Hope and their Faith, certain that God will make the Miracle of opening Hearts to the Understanding of the needs and afflictions of the Neighbor. To that Neighbor to whom we owe ourselves, and more so those that, without question, have enormous responsibility in the vulgar and mad attempt of destruction and submission of Nicaragua to their interests.


Thank God we are the People of Darío and Sandino. Thank God we are People that move forward, that has never stopped walking towards “the Promised Land.” Thanks to God that as a People we have walked the Desert, as well as the Powerful Works of God that opens Seas and Gates, that knocks down mountains, when Right is Right.


Forgiveness is Christian. Forgetting does not teach. And we all must learn. Yesterday’s Lessons are today’s Teachings. We do not forget, but we do not become bitter or paralyzed. We trust in God, and we know that we are in His Hands, that we bless all the efforts we make as a People, so that the Rights of all Nicaraguans to Live in Tranquility, Safety, Humility and Happiness, with Family Values, in Family, and especially with the un-renounceable Duty of Dignity, Identity and Sovereign Culture.


We think like Nicaraguans, because we are and we recognize ourselves with Nicaraguan Pride, by the Grace of God. This Path of Determination, of Victories, does not stop. With absolute Faith we say that Nicaragua is a Land of Vigor, of History, of Freedom, of Character, and of Glory!


Our People demand Justice, Reparation, and Non-Repetition from those responsible for the damage we have suffered, as a basis for lasting Reconciliation and Peace.


God did it once

and God will do it again:

Justice, Reparation, Reconciliation and Peace!

Another world is possible!


Managua, Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Delegation of the Government of

Reconciliation and National Unity

at the Negotiation Table

Wednesday, May 8, 2019


We Ask the Government to Lift Sanctions

Press release of Civic Alliance, civil society counterpart in the National Dialogue

May 6, 2019

[Original Spanish at https://www.alianzacivicanicaragua.com/es/pedimos-al-gobierno-levantar-sanciones/ ]

The Civic Alliance for Justice and Democracy calls on the Government to lift the brutal sanctions that it has been applying against the Nicaraguan population since April 18 of last year. In particular we demand the lifting of the prohibition against free expression, free mobilization and the liberation of political prisoners.

We demand lifting the systematic violation of human rights, lifting the sanction imposed on patriots who cannot wave the national flag. We demand lifting the sanction of unfair imprisonment for hundreds of Nicaraguans who are deprived of their freedom for thinking differently. Lifting the stalking of relatives of prisoners and those released from prison, who suffer harassment and threats. Lifting the sanction of criminalizing independent journalism. We demand lifting the sanction of impunity for the crimes committed.

The international sanctions that futilely the Government wants to ask get lifted are the consequence of these sanctions mentioned against the people, brutally perpetrated by the Government. It is the lifting of the former sanctions that will bring about the lifting of the latter. It is not through lyrical and empty calls that the sanctions will be lifted, but with real actions, like the liberation of the political prisoners, the re-establishment of rights, truth, justice and holding free, democratic and early elections.

The Civic Alliance will continue to be willing to dialogue to find a real way out of the crisis.

We Reject the Additional Accusations

Press release of Civic Alliance, civil society counterpart in the National Dialogue

May 7, 2019

[See original Spanish at https://www.alianzacivicanicaragua.com/es/rechazamos-los-adicionales-senalamientos/ ]

The Government insists on its position that a call be made to suspend the sanctions, a call that in addition to being useless and empty, will not resolve the heart of the problem of the country which is the systematic violation of the rights of the Nicaraguan people.

In its most recent press release, the Government indicates, to the weight of its words, that the Civic Alliance is responsible for countless crimes, misdeeds and even diabolic acts and that in the call they would make us responsible for such actions. This means that in addition to calling to suspend sanctions on corrupt officials, we would implicate ourselves in the commission of crimes. Proposing such an action, a product of nonsense and stupidity, confirms that the Government intents to bar and obstruct the fulfillment of what is already signed. Calling for a counterpart in a negotiation process that they declare themselves guilty of crimes only verifies the lack of will to sit down at the table to discuss fundamental issues.

The Alliance will be present once again at INCAE, because of its commitment to justice, democracy and the freedom of the political prisoners, to listen to the now well known insults and threats. In light of the accusations we maintain the determination to demand respect for the people and show with concrete actions the willingness to progress in the search for a solution to the crisis that the Nicaraguan people continue suffering for more than a year.

The Alliance continues willing to dialogue to find the solution that involves the freedom of prisoners, justice, truth and holding free, democratic and early elections.



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